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The NFL's FAQ: Word on the Street

Fans around the NFL always have questions about issues they hear or read about in the fine print of the transaction listings. The problem is, where can you find the real NFL dirt, unfiltered? Here are five questions buzzing around league circles after Week 12's madness, along with the straight scoop from our scouting insider Brian DeLucia on what's really going down.
Scout's Spotlight
1. PACKERS: What's wrong with Favre?
2. PLAYOFFS: Who made the biggest statement?
3. SAINTS: Are they poised for a letdown?
4. BILLS: Time for last rites?
5. SEAHAWKS: Can they close out a winner?
1. What's happened to Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers? Turnovers have doomed the over the past two weeks. is trying to make too much happen by himself right now, and I think they have gotten away from the ground game a little. The need to establish again. He's a dynamic part of the Green Bay offense. Green is very productive on the ground and creates some matchup problems in the passing game. There's no question the have weapons on the offensive side of the ball. They just need to relax and play within themselves. 2. Which team made the biggest playoff statement on Sunday? The Miami had a very impressive victory over San Diego. The controlled the tempo of the game and dominated both sides of the line of scrimmage. was extremely impressive. He ran right at the run defense and established a strong foundation for their offense. That took a lot of pressure off . Lucas was able to play within himself and keep the offense moving. The defense did a very good job containing . And their pass rush exploited the ' banged up offensive line. is an intelligent quarterback, but his limitations outweighed any smarts against Miami. 3. Are the New Orleans Saints poised for another letdown? From a chemistry standpoint, I don't see that happening like last season. They have a lot better leadership with and holding the veteran candles. Two things need to happen: must get healthy again. He gives the a dynamic balance. Without that support, forced too many things through the air. Brooks must watch so he doesn't fall into the same trap as last season. And finally, the defense must begin playing at a much higher level. The play of cornerbacks and are key from a matchup standpoint. But the run defense must work itself out. They have the personnel. Execution and discipline are keys. They won't win many more games if this defense doesn't begin showing progress. 4. Have the Bills been read their last rites for this season's playoff hopes? Buffalo has certainly dug itself a deep hole. Their defense has been the shortcoming as expected, and that's putting a lot of pressure on the offense. has been getting himself into trouble with turnovers lately. Their offense can't be expected to carry the load every week. Give the a pat on the back for their efforts this season. They have played hard and competitive football. They just need to become a lot better on defense. Jerry Gray hasn't shown much confidence in his unit's ability to make much happen. He has them playing a very tentative brand of football right now. And they must tackle a lot better. 5. Can the Seahawks build some success to close out the season? Certainly. Although the Kansas City defense boasts a number of bad players, the deserve credit for establishing a solid offensive performance. has made a lot of progress at quarterback. He looks a lot more comfortable around the pocket. He's finding open receivers. The passing game could be very successful by the end of the season. That could allow them to build off one strength. and have the potential to become a very strong duo. And Holmgren will try working with rookie at tight end. Brian DeLucia is a respected college and pro personnel consultant around the NFL. Formerly a consultant with, and currently a contributor for, Brian is in his third season with providing commentary around the NFL and NFL Draft.
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