SCOUT'S HONOR: Green's role, Garcia's back and more

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Here's a look at some issues around the NFL that has insiders, coaches, players, and fans chewing the fat around the water cooler.

's role within the ' offense

There's a lot of talk about pushing the ball downfield. The have an opportunity to spread the passing game out with , and . Despite that, remains the dynamic rock of their offense behind . Green creates a physical presence on the ground and will make a lot of grabs in the passing game.

But don't be surprised if you see the cut back on Green's workload this season after injuries slowed him noticeably down the stretch last December. Green's running style creates a lot of wear and tear on his frame. The have mild concerns here with Green's long-term shelf life. That's why they signed veteran and explored their options with in the expansion draft.

Green was never known as a durable runner during his college days at Nebraska. And that's one stigma he carried with him early in his days with Seattle. That's why the need to monitor Green's workload. Green Bay needs a fresh in December and January.

Herman Edwards wants the to work the ball downfield

Don't get carried away with Edwards' comments. Edwards isn't saying the must radically change and become a downfield passing team. That won't happen with Paul Hackett calling the plays. But Edwards would like to see more diversity within his passing game. And Edwards understands how to adjust to his players. The Jets' personnel mix isn't ideally suited to the traditional big receivers Hackett likes to work with. is more of a downfield receiver. He's not going to hold up working the middle of the field. certainly has the ability to get a few steps behind defenders downfield. Taking a few downfield looks will open the underneath lanes for Moss and . The also will be using the middle of the field with tight ends and more often. Although isn't a natural downfield passer, he has the ability to make occasional plays. That will enhance his ability to pick apart teams intermediately.

's back injury

The have to have some concerns. Garcia has been nicked up before and has a slight frame. That's a big reason they evaluated some of the top quarterbacks in April's draft. The privately know the possibility is strong that Garcia might not last more than a few seasons. Anytime you talk about disc injuries and also hear the word "degenerative" it opens up cause for concern.

And the are counting heavily on Garcia this season. Under Dennis Erickson, the will become more of a passing team again. If Garcia goes down during the season, they aren't very comfortable with leading the offense.

Bill Belichick's contract security

Signing Bill Belichick is an official sign of stability within the ' organization. That's something that has been rare for this franchise.

Despite just coming off a Super Bowl two seasons ago, Belichick knew a transition period was in order. With a lot of aging talent and a heavy load of draft picks, the are working to mold more youth within their foundation. But Belichick also continues to target selected veterans to maintain the goal of a Super Bowl every season.

With Belichick securely under contract, the are on track toward stringing together a stable future. There is great chemistry among Belichick, personnel director Scott Pioli and Robert Kraft. A great program along with a set of standards is in place under the direction of Belichick.

More talk around the NFL

: Signing was a huge move for the . And don't believe anybody who says this signing had nothing to do with 's problems. The uncertainty surrounding Jackson at this point left too many questions up front for the . and rookie Jonathan Sullivan give the two intriguing young interior linemen to build their defense around. But Sullivan will hit a wall at some point as a rookie. Ford brings a veteran presence to the mix to solidify any questions regarding depth. Ford has proven to be an effective rotation-type performer over the years with Tennessee.

: Bill Parcells set the foundation for no nonsense by cutting reserve safety and special teamer . Parcells is big on players avoiding the nightclubs and won't tolerate his players bucking the rules, especially from a backup. I have a feeling that Davis wouldn't have been cut if this was last year under Dave Campo.

: Although the are putting a positive spin on , there's little doubt rookie quarterback will see at least a few starts by the end of the season. Grossman is impressing the already, especially with his confidence. There's just something about him that will remind fans of Jim McMahon.

In other news, with the setback of , former Lions bust will get an opportunity to prove himself at right tackle. Gibson really spent a lot of time this spring on dedicating himself to better conditioning. Gibson has the physical tools to hold up adequately at right tackle in the ' scheme, but coaches need to evaluate his mental toughness throughout the rough days of training camp. Meanwhile, the are exploring other options.

: Although the signed defensive tackle Bernard Hosley last week, don't be surprised if they continue keeping an eye out for defensive tackles throughout the exhibition season.

: Despite their excitement over and , the feel it's really important for D'Wayne Bates to establish himself early as their No. 2 option behind in the passing game. Burleson and Campbell really intrigue the coaches, but their slight frames will limit them to supporting roles. They could be valuable reserves this season.

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