SCOUT'S HONOR: Douglas makes Jags legit

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The Jacksonville will have a much different mindset on the defensive side of the ball next season with coming off the perimeter. Douglas will be the anchor for their pass rush that couldn't provide on a consistent basis. And that will mean the can become more aggressive and create more turnovers. When Brackens was sidelined last season, it put a lot of pressure on to become their primary threat off the perimeter. Coleman is much better suited as a support piece of the puzzle, especially at this stage of his career. It also allows linebacker to continue developing as a pass rusher into this season. The key though for this defense will be the maturation of and inside. They must continue developing. They've shown they can get a lot of push inside. Douglas' presence makes them even stronger because teams can't force all their protection directly at them with Douglas flying off the perimeter. The additions of Douglas, along with linebackers and significantly upgrade their speed and quickness within the front seven. This will force opponents to change the way the scheme against Jacksonville next season.

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QB to Chicago: gives the a much different dimension at the quarterback position. He doesn't read defenses as well from the pocket like . But Stewart has the ability to create plays on the perimeter with his strong arm and running ability. That's an element opposing defenses didn't have to defend in prior matchups against this ' offense. Stewart still remains a potentially productive quarterback. The change of scenery should help him. But he must eliminate his mistakes. He's matured a little over the past few years and understands his strengths a little more. That helps. Now it will be up to (offensive coordinator) John Shoop to tweak his scheme to take advantage of Stewart's mobility. Chicago's passing game should be easy for Stewart to grasp, but Shoop must make sure he doesn't force Stewart to make his reads standing in the pocket. CB to Atlanta: should be a solid fit with the . Signing Williams addresses a numbers problem for Atlanta in the secondary. He'll step in for and provide the same type of play. Williams isn't a shutdown corner nor does he make enough big plays, but he's athletic enough to provide sound coverage. He just has a tendency to give up a few plays and his long-term durability is a concern. LB to Philadelphia: The weren't going to find better options than as a replacement for at this stage. Wayne should be a good fit within 's defense. He's aggressive against the run and can contribute in pass coverage. I have some mixed feelings regarding Wayne. He isn't nearly as consistent as Barber, but he will make a few more plays. The should lose any production from their linebackers next season. Wayne should be an active presence while they hope can be a Kurt Gouveia-type performer in the middle. WR to Carolina: stabilizes the ' depth at wide receiver. He's not going to make big plays, but he'll produce some tough grabs in the clutch. He's very smart and will find openings within the short zones. He should be more reliable than Issac Byrd was last season as a reserve. And the addition of Proehl surrounds this offense with another solid veteran in terms of his approach to the game. Hopefully he can become a good influence for . Carolina isn't making a big splash with their free agent additions, but their moves this spring should result in a lot more consistency from their offense. Brian DeLucia is a respected college and pro personnel consultant around the NFL. Formerly a consultant with and, Brian is in his third season with providing commentary around the NFL and NFL Draft.
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