SCOUT'S HONOR: Boom or bust?

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Here's a look at selected players who have changed teams. The question is whether the move will become a "booming success" or the team will suffer with a "cold bust" on its hands

, MLB,

Boom: Could flourish in an opportunity to start in an aggressive Philadelphia defense. His smarts and great motor will become contagious for the . Bust: His undersized frame could get exposed against the run and his coverage ability isn't as good as the projected. That could expose the against the run and tight ends will find favorable matchups over the middle of the field. Overall: Simoneau will be fine here. He won't be the impact player was a few years ago, but he'll provide more production than and . His blue-collar attitude will grow on the .

, DE,

Boom: Has the speed Jack Del Rio wants from the perimeter and has an emerging star in to take away some attention. Is very motivated to prove he can continue posting high sack totals despite his age. Opposing quarterbacks might as well be sporting an image of Andy Reid on their helmets. Bust: Age, of course, is a factor. This is when most top pass rushers begin to decline. And was last season's knee injury just a deep bruise or was it a sign of things to come? From a scouting standpoint, most pass rushers start declining when they hit 32. Overall: Douglas will continue being an effective pass rusher. He'll post solid numbers this season, but could begin to show some wear and tear down the stretch. Next season is when a noticeable decline will begin.

, QB,

Boom: Finally enters a stable situation with the . Plummer has always had the tools and ability to make things happen on the field. Will be surrounded by solid personnel around him and won't have to force as many plays as he did in Arizona. Bust: At this stage of his career, it's difficult for some players to break bad habits. What you see is sometimes what you get. Overall: Plummer will rise to the occasion in Denver. His competitiveness and leadership ability will surface on a more consistent basis. Confidence isn't a problem with Plummer. And that will lead to a solid career for Plummer with the . Mike Shanahan now has a resourceful quarterback who has the ability to make things happen on the field.

, QB,

Boom: A fresh start in a new city is exactly what needs. Stewart will be working in a simple offense that will allow his natural tools to shine without being burdened with a lot of thinking. Bust: John Shoop would like to call more plays to push the ball downfield on occasion, which suits Stewart. But Stewart could struggle if Shoop is forced to scale back again and could have trouble finding his rhythm in their short passing game. Although he's onto a fresh start with Chicago, it's always hard to break tough habits. Old issues from Pittsburgh could resurface at any time. Overall: Will have his moments with the this season, but inconsistency could give starting duties to near season's end.

, WR,

Boom: Is a natural fit in Atlanta's passing game designed around the talents of Mike Vick. Could continue his upswing after making strides last season in Buffalo. His athleticism in the Georgia Dome could lead to more big plays from Vick. Adding the dimension that Price brings to the could really make their offense dangerous. Bust: Uncertainty is always a good term when predicting results with free-agent receivers. Price could be in over his head being "the man" in the passing game if teams roll their coverage toward him. Inconsistency was a problem with Price in the past. Overall: Price should put up very good numbers across the board while becoming the playmaker that allows Vick to soar even higher this season.

, DT,

Boom: Brings a competitive energy to the defensive line that gave the during his tenure in Miami. He is an extremely intense player with an excellent motor and fits in very well as a rotational player. Can tie up blockers in Miami's base scheme, but also can apply some interior pressure on the quarterback in their nickel alignment. Bust: Age is beginning to reduce the number of snaps Zgonina can handle throughout the course of a season. Overall: Unless injuries mount, Zgonina should be in a position where he stays fresh and offers Miami a tremendous boost of depth. The addition of Zgonina was overshadowed by bigger name signings, but he brings the same type of competitive zeal that and bring to the field. But unlike those additions and most of the , Zgonina knows what the Super Bowl is all about.

, RB,

Boom: Is the steady power back Dan Henning has craved to mold his offense around. Davis allows the to establish even more ball control and put the passing game in a better position to make plays when needed. Bust: The lack of a passing game doesn't give Davis much room to work. Davis will carry a heavy load and could begin to show signs of wearing down in November and December. Overall: Davis will carry the load on the ground and put the passing game in better third-down situations. But don't be surprised if Davis fades late in the season.

, RB,

Boom: Has shown in stretches with Jacksonville that he can produce consistent yardage as the feature back. Provides a lot of pop and will allow the to keep the chains moving. Mack also has a great attitude and worked hard to overcome fumbling problems earlier in his career. Bust: Isn't a dynamic, versatile back who will break long runs. Past inconsistencies could rise to the surface with more playing time. Overall: Mack is being underestimated by a number of people. He's not that versatile playmaker teams look to build around. But Mack will be a solid "move the chains" runner who puts up 1,000 yards if he gets enough carries.

Dan Campbell, TE,

Boom: Solid fit within Bill Parcells' philosophy. Will contribute in the run game with his solid blocking skills. Has enough tools to become a factor in the short and intermediate passing game, allowing Parcells to keep the chains moving. Bust: Isn't a natural pass catcher. The could expect too much from Campbell in the passing game, leading to a letdown. Overall: Isn't a star talent, but will be a valuable support player who makes his biggest impact in the ground game. Won't be mistaken for Ben Coates in the passing game, but will snag enough balls to keep opponents honest.

, DT,

Boom: Has excellent natural tools that could boost the ' production along their interior line. Thornton has enough strength to tie up gaps, but also has solid quickness to get up field and squeeze the pocket. Also gives Cincinnati a positive locker room presence. Bust: Thornton has been inconsistent throughout his career because he doesn't play with enough discipline for stretches. He's also been plagued by some injuries in the past. Overall: Thornton is a young defender who has an opportunity to break out and take his career to the next level. His active presence inside should not only provide the with more interior production, but also draw attention away from their perimeter guys like .
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