SCOUT'S HONOR: Are Ravens lunatics for starting rookie QB?

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Here's some discussion on some of recent issues around the NFL. Minus the obvious knowledge of a division opponent, were the Bills smart to add safety from the Patriots?
I like this move for Buffalo. Obviously Milloy will need time to learn their defense. But I love the presence he brings to their defense - an aggressive mindset and leadership. Milloy stabilizes the middle of the ' defense and should bolster their efforts against the run. Although Milloy isn't a matchup guy against the pass, he'll limit the number of mistakes that were evident by this unit last season. Make no question about this: Buffalo is in a stronger position today to call themselves a Super Bowl contender with lining up on their side of the ball. Why is Brian Billick banking on a rookie quarterback to get the Ravens back to the playoffs?
Brian Billick made the right move. brings a lot more energy and spark to the offense. His competitive edge should wear off on the . And Billick can run a more expanded offense downfield with Boller at quarterback. I don't believe there will be any worries about rushing him. Boller possesses a high-level of mental toughness. That should help him fight through the adversity he'll be faced with throughout the year. A couple factors place Boller in a favorable situation to succeed early. The have a strong ground game with and a defense that will create turnovers. Boller just needs to limit his turnovers and make good decisions with the football. Can produce for the ?
That's really a mystery right now. Injuries have taken their toll on Gary. He's lost some zip in his lower body and didn't play well with Denver last season - followed up by an ordinary camp with Buffalo. Unless all Gary needs is a clear opportunity to seize a starting role again, I don't see much life left in his legs. If that's the case, the will have problems. hasn't proven himself as a consistent back despite his speed and pop. Avon Colbourne has a solid camp for the , but has size and speed limitations. Steve Mariucci likes to have a steady and durable back within his offense. Why would the take an extended look at WR , who has failed miserably with Pittsburgh and St. Louis?
This would be an ideal fit for the - a move that could really bolster their passing game. Edwards' athletic ability would be well-utilized within Al Saunders' passing attack. Edwards has worked a lot harder over the past spring and plays with more focus than earlier in his career. Why did the offensive-line challenged Bears cut guard ?
A number of ' players were surprised by this move. Coaches in the past have liked Robertson's versatility and athletic ability, but some members of the organization felt the had to make a move for a more established guard. doesn't bring much experience to the position after working at tackle. And the consensus among some Bear officials was that Robertson has too many strength limitations to feel comfortable with him as a potential full-time starter at any particular position. Robertson failed in an opportunity as a starter at left tackle last season. Isn't a multi-year contract a little much for the Broncos to give ?
This is a questionable move. There have never been any question regarding Holland's physical tools and ability, but his work habits were below par in past stops. But that's changed this summer with the and they like his new attitude. But how often does a leopard change his spots? Holland has opened up eyes, prompting the to lock up Holland beyond this season. Holland and former Arizona castoff have emerged and become a significant part of Denver's plans inside since joining the team during camp. Can safety begin new life with ?
There's no question former second round pick needed a fresh start elsewhere. Tennessee is an intriguing option where there's very little pressure for him to step into a significant role this season. The hope they can afford to keep him on the roster all season and provide him an opportunity to fit into their system. Safeties have a lot of responsibilities within the scheme. Did the get a bargain with WR Freddie Milons?
Don't be surprised if finds a home with the once he learns their offense. Milons is neither big or overly fast, but he's a versatile athlete and the always find roles for these types of players. Milons could complement Antwaan Randle-El out of the slot and within the return game.
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