SCOUT'S HONOR: Scouting the Packers

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QB leads an intriguing offense into the season. The have the ability to make a lot of things happen with their speed in the passing game. Wide receivers , Jovan Walker and possess the potential to create a lot of matchup problems. But Walker and Ferguson must begin producing on a consistent basis. The addition of veteran adds balance from the tight end position in a situational role. Walls should be a solid influence on . Something just seems to be missing with Franks. The need a healthy down the stretch. Green provides that dynamic presence out of the backfield that keeps opponents off-balance. Durability is a question right now. They upgraded their depth to keep Green fresh throughout the season. Backup RB looks to be on a mission right now. He should provide solid depth to give Green the occasional breather, plus if he gets hurt.


There is a lot more speed and quickness here than in past years. But the are counting on a lot of ¿ifs¿ right now. The best weapon they have is their coordinator, Ed Donatell, who did an outstanding job last season covering all their liabilities. Donatell¿s defense held together longer than most scouts imagined following all their injuries. Ultimately, their injuries and holes caught up to them late in the season and into the playoffs. Donatell will be asking a lot of DEs and this season. The biggest question is whether they can continue to develop into legitimate cornerstones along the front seven. If not, the will have some limitations. Veteran must prove he has something left as a pass rusher. Rookie must become an active run stopper and coverage guy immediately. Barnett has the speed to cut off the flanks and matchup up in coverage. That¿s a lot to ask from a rookie right away.

Special Teams

Mike Sherman is counting on more production from his return units. and have potential, but Sherman would prefer not to add more pressure on their workload with the offense. Antonio Chatman is intriguing, but isn¿t proven enough yet. Outside of their run defense, this is the biggest unknown going into the season. That¿s scary for a contending team.


This is what keeps the near the top of the league. Mike Sherman is a stabilizer. Tom Rossley does a great job with the offense. Ed Donatell doesn¿t get enough credit for the job he does with the defense. They have several excellent position coaches on both sides of the ball. And the addition of former Cincinnati defensive coordinator Mark Duffner as their new linebackers¿ coach was a coup.

The Bottom Line

The are likely another year from becoming a legitimate Super Bowl contender unless a lot of questions become positive answers this season. This will be a dangerous team again, especially on the offensive side of the ball. If they stay healthy and can stop the run, the will go far.
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