ROME: Bengals aim for record book

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Jim Rome

Tuesday's guests are Tony LaRussa, Bill Maas and Moose Johnston. The Baltimore had a huge win, crushing Denver Monday night 34-23. Huge not because they got off the mat to win their first game of the year, but huge because their performance makes it much more likely that the Cincinnati will not win a game this year. That's my concern: after having my heart ripped out last year by the who had just enough pride and character not to finish off a spotless 0-16 season, I hate to get up my hopes once again this year. And I don't want to jinx it, but I have to say the do have a look at it. They don't play with heart, or pride, or spirit. They're not competitive. They don't belong on the field with anyone in the NFL. They boast the three-headed monster of , and . And Kitna unloaded on the coaches yesterday about the way they have all been jerked around. It's setting up perfectly: players not competing ...and blaming their coaches for their own deficiencies. And back to my original point, the . I was truly sweating the fact that the were going to have to play the twice this year: that was an imminently winnable game, for the Nati the type of game that could ruin a dream season. But I'm not worried anymore; not after seeing B-more dismantle Denver. 0-4, 12 more to go, next loss Indianapolis. Jim Rome brings a distinctive style of sports talk to the top daily sports interview show on television with , which can be seen weekdays on FOX Sports Net at 5:30 p.m. local time.
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