NFL on FOX: Meet the network's new top team

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NFL on FOX: Generation Next

When the NFL's 83rd season kicks off this summer, the NFC's lead broadcast team will feature a new look and sound for the first time since 1981.

Two-time Emmy Award winner Joe Buck will take over as lead play-by-play announcer and team with fellow Emmy Award winner and former FOX NFL SUNDAY analyst Cris Collinsworth and future Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman to form the NFL on FOX's lead broadcast team.

The appointment of Buck, Collinsworth and Aikman to FOX's No. 1 team marks the first change in the lead NFC booth since Pat Summerall and John Madden were paired together at CBS in 1981.

The announcement was made Thursday by David Hill, Chairman and CEO, FOX Sports Television Group and Ed Goren, President, FOX Sports.

NFL on FOX: The New Guys and their resumes
  • Two-time Sports Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Sports Personality for Play-by-Play (1999, 2001)
  • Has called four World Series with MLB on FOX (1996, 1998, 2000, 2001)
  • Has called three MLB All-Star games (1997, 1999, 2001)
  • Called Mark McGwire's historic 62nd home run game Sept. 8. 1998
    CLICK HERE for full bio on Joe Buck
  • Two-time Sports Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Sports Personality as Studio Analyst 1997 (HBO, NBC), 1998 (FOX, HBO)
  • Four seasons as studio analyst on FOX NFL Sunday (1998-2001)
  • Two seasons as studio analyst on NBC's NFL pregame (1996-97)
  • Six seasons as NFL/college football game analyst on NBC (1990-95), including working 1995 national championship game (Nebraska vs. Miami)
    CLICK HERE for full bio on Cris Collinsworth
  • Enjoyed successful rookie season in NFL on FOX booth with Dick Stockton and Daryl Johnston (2001)
  • Named TV's "Top Newcomer" by Sports Illustrated in 2001
  • Two seasons as analyst on NFL Europe telecasts on Fox Sports Net
  • Earned three Super Bowl rings and six Pro Bowl berths as Dallas QB in 12-year career (1989-2000)
    CLICK HERE for full bio on Troy Aikman
  • The New Guys — What you'd like to know

    Why go to the three-man booth?

    GOREN: We've had the luxury at FOX Sports over the last eight years to have the No. 1 announcing team of Pat and John, probably the greatest broadcast pairing in the history of the NFL. So it is quite a challenge, yet an opportunity to put in place a team that will be together for many, many years. It was similar to last year when Matt Millen left, who was certainly an outstanding broadcaster. It seems with the personalities that we have here that the three-man booth presents us some flexibility, and I think it will be very entertaining. It will be a different kind of broadcast. The three-man booth has some limitations, but it also provides some opportunity. Like we did with our NASCAR team, we like to create our own teams and this feels very much like our own. Why did you choose these three guys?

    GOREN: Eight years ago, the young Joe Buck joined us and has done just an outstanding job in the booth. Week in and week out, listening to Joe has been beyond anything we could have hoped for. It is as good as it gets on multiple levels.

    Power of three
  • VIDEO:
  • Cris is very unique in that he did work the booth in football before making the transition to the studio. Very few guys can make it work in the booth and the studio. Cris has some game experience and is a natural to go back into the booth. I don't think there's ever been an NFL player come off the field and in his first year have the kind of success that Troy enjoyed. A year ago at this time we were fielding a lot of questions about would he be outspoken about something on the field. I don't think there was anyone more outspoken than Troy in the broadcast booth last year. I think the mix works very well for us. There are technical issues in a three-man booth, but I feel really excited about what the team can be. Who replaces Cris in the studio on FOX NFL Sunday? HILL: We have discussed the revolving chair with a number of current players as well as retired players. I don't want to single anyone out, but we have had a number of conversations with a number of people. That said, we are nowhere near making up our minds. We have had our first conversations with (FOX NFL Sunday producer) Scott Ackerson about the structure of the show. GOREN: We took a long time to get to the (decision on the) three-man booth, and we're going to take our time in resolving the direction the studio show goes. You'll have to tune in Week 1 to find out who will fill out the ever-popular revolving chair. How does Cris feel about leaving the studio? COLLINSWORTH: Scott Ackerson and that studio breed an atmosphere that is so much fun and so entertaining and allows you so much freedom to experiment and try things and fail on occasion, then to get up and try them again. I just can't imagine a better situation that I had the last four years with JB, Terry, Howie and Scott Ackerson there. But on the flip side, this is a great adventure. I've told my wife several times, I'm going to be dead soon. In 30 years I'm going to be dead and I want to live every adventure. I want to try everything I can try and I can't imagine a better opportunity in life than to be with these two guys. It's just a great adventure and that's what I want to be a part of. Is Joe Buck worried about the heavy workload of being the lead play-by-play man for both the MLB playoffs and NFL on FOX? BUCK: Am I feeling any extra load? Yeah, definitely. I feel like in many different ways I have to reprove myself. It took me a few years when I started in baseball doing the games with Tim (McCarver) in '96 to where I felt comfortable to let my personality to come out a little bit. I think it's going to take some time early on in the football side. But just on the nuts and bolts side, I've got to get back into doing a game. I haven't done many (football games) in the last few years. I started out at Fox doing football. For the technical issues, it's going to take a while for all three of us to feel comfortable doing games, knowing how the other guys is going to react. As fans hear it in the early weeks, we'll be feeling it for the first time and it's a neat experiment.

    NOTE: Vetern Hall of Fame announcer Dick Stockton will fill Buck's void during the MLB playoffs as Buck again teams with Tim McCarver in October.

    Does this mean Troy is "really" retired for good and end any talk of ever coming back?

    TROY: Boy I hope so, ha ha! I have a great opportunity this year, just as working with Dick and DJ was a great opportunity last year. There were teams during that time that were inquiring about my services to play for them. I just felt that considering the teams that were interested, the opportunity that I had with FOX to move out of football was the direction I went. Right now, obviously the opportunity to work with Cris and Joe on the No. 1 team is another great opportunity. No, Steve Spurrier has not called me. But I won't rule anything out.

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