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Alex Marvez

Alex Marvez is a Senior NFL Writer for He has covered the NFL for the past 18 seasons as a beat writer and is the former president of the Pro Football Writers of America. He also is a frequent host on Sirius XM NFL Radio.

Marvez NFL offseason chat (05/29/2009) 
10:55  Hello NFL fans!

I know everyone is STARVING for football these days, and since we all can't quit our jobs and go to minicamps, we have our NFL expert Alex Marvez here to take your questions today.
10:56  Send any questions and comments, we'll get started at 2pm ET/11am PT.
11:02  OK folks, Alex is about to join us in Chat-Land -- hit us with any questions or comments you have!
11:02 Alex Marvez:  I'm here so let's get started :)
11:03  OK, first question...

Nancy asks:
how do you feel about tom brady being back to play this season?
11:03 Alex Marvez:  

I was at practice Thursday and Tom was moving really well considering he is just eight months removed from the torn ACL/MCL

11:04 Alex Marvez:  The guy seems really focused and appears to be taking his comeback as a challenge.
11:04  Tom Brady's return
11:04 Alex Marvez:  The bigger question I have is whether New England's offensive line -- which has six 30-something members -- will be able to adequately protect him for an entire season.
11:05  Follow-up from Nancy...

what do you think about the big change in indy this year?
11:05 Alex Marvez:  I used to think Indy was always a given for a playoff berth. Not anymore.
11:05  Czar on Colts' internal strife
11:05 Alex Marvez:  

The coaching changes that have been made there this offseason are pretty drastic.

11:06 Alex Marvez:  The Colts never found a proven replacement for Marvin Harrison either.
Who is the best player in the NFL?
Tom Brady, Patriots
 ( 23% )
Peyton Manning, Colts
 ( 15% )
Adrian Peterson, Vikings
 ( 31% )
Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals
 ( 8% )
Randy Moss, Patriots
 ( 8% )
 ( 15% )

11:06 Alex Marvez:  

The Colts will always contend if Peyton Manning stays healthy and Donald Brown will provide extra punch in the running game as a rusher and receiver. Defense should be decent, too.

11:07 Alex Marvez:  But I still think Tennessee is the team to beat in the division.
Peter asks the $64 million question:

Will brett stay retired?
11:07 Alex Marvez:  If he can play, he's coming back. And Minnesota will take him.
What should Brett Favre do?
Retire already
 ( 53% )
If arm can take it, play for Vikings
 ( 47% )

11:07 Alex Marvez:  I think the medical issues are still being sorted out about whether he will need surgery on his biceps tendon.
11:08 Alex Marvez:  

I expect something more concrete on this to surface within a week.

11:08 Alex Marvez:  

From a media standpoint, I hope he comes back. Gives me good stuff to write about. :)

11:09  TJ wonders...

Assuming Favre is out of the picture will it be TJack or Sage?
11:09 Alex Marvez:  I'm going to give the edge to Sage.
11:09 on Tarkenton vs. Favre
11:10 Alex Marvez:  I thought it was very telling when I spoke to Vikings DT Pat Williams last week on Sirius NFL Radio with Howard Balzer and he told us that TJack needs to spend more time studying.
11:10 Alex Marvez:  That's not good when you're getting called out by a teammate like that.
11:10 Alex Marvez:  

Pat also said he texted Brett Favre telling him he'd be welcome in Minnesota.

11:10 Alex Marvez:  Makes me think Pat isn't overly impressed with the guys Minnesota currently has under center.
11:10  Here's one from Rich ...

Great work on Fox and with Sirius. Please assess the Dolphins offseason moves and where you think their insufficiencies still lie? Can they win 8 games this season?
11:11  AFC East offseason moves
11:11 Alex Marvez:  Dolphins can win 8 games for sure. Schedule is tougher, but the coaching is outstanding and almost every key player is back.
11:11 Alex Marvez:  Big question to me is at quarterback.
11:11 Alex Marvez:  Can Chad Pennington string together two good seasons?
11:11 Alex Marvez:  Is Chad Henne ready to push for a starting spot?
11:12 Alex Marvez:  And how much will the Dolphins be running the Wildcat with Pat White? I have my doubts on whether that offense will be as effective in 2009.
11:12  NFL on FOX on Twitter
11:12 Alex Marvez:  I think Miami and NY Jets are in a dogfight for second place in the division behind New England.
11:12  Speaking of Miami, Danny wants to know:

How many combined sacks will Joey Porter and Jason Taylor have this season?
11:13 Alex Marvez:  Porter found the fountain of youth last season and I figure he'll be back in double-digits in 2009.
11:13  7 Points: NFL offseason takes
11:13 Alex Marvez:  Taylor is a lot harder to predict.
11:13 Alex Marvez:  I think he'll be motivated to show he isn't over the hill after being a bust in Washington.But
11:13 Alex Marvez:  

But I just don't know how much he has left in the tank at age 34.

11:13  One of our chatters has a very good question:

What do you think will happen to Vince Young this season?
11:14 Alex Marvez:  

My feeling is Kerry Carter will remain the starter unless injured.

11:14 Alex Marvez:  

Vince had a long way to go in 2008 toward impressive Titans coaches with his maturity and work ethic.

11:14 Alex Marvez:  "Making it rain" at a club recently by throwing bills into the crowd didn't help that image.
11:15 Alex Marvez:  If Young wins over the coaches, they can put in some effective packages using him.
Will Vince Young ever make it as an NFL quarterback?
 ( 44% )
 ( 56% )

11:15 Alex Marvez:  I just don't know inclined Tennessee is toward doing that if Vince doesn't prove he deserves to get on the field.
11:15  Here's one about a disgruntled superstar, where the story has just died publicly ...

hat is the current status of J. Peppers? Will he stay or will he go? maybe new england?
11:15 Alex Marvez:  Peppers is definitely staying with Carolina in 2009.
11:16  NFC South offseason moves
11:16 Alex Marvez:  

Even if teams had interest, nobody was willing to give Carolina high draft compensation as well as the big-money contract Peppers was seeking.

11:16 Alex Marvez:  It will be interesting to see what happens in 2010.
11:16 Alex Marvez:  The Panthers could keep Peppers again with the franchise tag in an uncapped year, but it would cost roughly $18M-$19M.
11:17 Alex Marvez:  Don't forget, too, that Carolina traded its 2010 first-round pick for the chance to select FSU DE Everette Brown in the second round of this year's draft.
11:17 Alex Marvez:  The Panthers may be more inclined to let Peppers leave next season or do a Matt Cassel-style sign-and-trade if Brown makes an impact as a rookie.
11:17  Saints fans are coming in today, Steve Holt asks:

Will the additions on the defensive side be enough for the Saints to contend for a playoff spot?
11:18 Alex Marvez:  

The season won't get off to a good start with DEs Charles Grant and Will Smith suspended because of the Starcaps scandal.

11:19 Alex Marvez:  I think Gregg Williams will be more aggressive as defensive coordinator and the secondary should be much improved with the additions of CBs Jabari Greer and Mamcolm Jenkins as well as S Darren Sharper.
11:19 Alex Marvez:  Let's be honest -- If the Saints are even average on defense and the offense continues producing at a high level, this team probably wins the NFC South.
11:20 [Comment From HawkPride ]
Peppers is too old to get a huge contract
11:20  HawkPride wonders:

What sort of year do you think Hasselbeck will have given the offseason WR aquisition of TJ Housh?
11:20 Alex Marvez:  

The good news for Matt is that he is healthy again and has much better weapons than in 2008.

11:21 Alex Marvez:  TJ is a consistent 90-catch player.
11:21 [Comment From Eli ]
Hefty prediction considering the Panthers and Falcons
11:21 Alex Marvez:  Deion Branch should be better another year removed from ACL surgery.
11:21 Alex Marvez:  And John Carlson is coming off a very nice rookie season.
11:21  NFC West offseason moves
11:29  Folks, we hope you will rejoin us and apologize for the technical difficulties.

Alex will be with us in a smidge...
11:30 Alex Marvez:  We're back. Sorry for the delay.
Thanks for sticking with us -- John asks...

Alex do you think my lions will be better from all the moves or are we still dra ?
11:31 Alex Marvez:  Yes, the Lions will be better -- and I'm not just saying that because there's no way they will go 0-16 again.
11:32 Alex Marvez:  

They ddid a lot with modest free-agent signings and trade to address a roster that desperately needed a talent upgrade.

11:33 Alex Marvez:  I think the draft will be very productive as well. Louis Delmas already looks like he can be a differece-maker at safety.
11:33 Alex Marvez:  obviously, the big question is at QB.
11:33 Alex Marvez:  I'm not a Daunte guy.
11:33 Alex Marvez:  And I don't know how willing the Lions would be to throw Stafford to the wolves.
11:33  NFC North offseason moves
Stephen Cabrera wonders ...

do u think tha raiders will be a better team with jmac or garcia under tha snap?
11:34 Alex Marvez:  

Not only should the Raiders be better, I think they are a legit playoff contender.

11:35 Alex Marvez:  The running game looks loaded and the defense should be decent.
11:35 Alex Marvez:  Of course, QB is a major question there.
11:35 Alex Marvez:  JaMarcus isn't inspiring anyone with his offseason work ethic.
Which is the NFL's worst organization?
 ( 45% )
 ( 0% )
 ( 36% )
 ( 9% )
 ( 9% )

11:35 Alex Marvez:  

I'm a big Jeff Garcia fan and think he would be a short-term upgrade.

11:36 Alex Marvez:  But he doesn't have the same upside as Russell.
11:36 Alex Marvez:  I wonder how much patience Tom Cable will have with JaMarcus considering how quickly Raiders owner Al Davis pulls the hook on his head coaches.
Mike wonders...

How about the Chargers??? I think they are moving in the right direction.
11:37  Schein's NFL organizational rankings
11:37 Alex Marvez:  If I had to pick the two teams in Super Bowl XLIV today, it would be the Chargers and Eagles.
11:37 Alex Marvez:  

The offense should be amazing and the defense could be if Shawne Merriman and Antonio Cromartie can return to form.

11:38 Alex Marvez:  I also think it will help San Diego that other AFC teams like Pittsburgh and New England will be much more heavily hyped as Super Bowl favorites.
Thanks for sticking with us through our tech difficulties, Eli... His question:

Will the Falcons add any more personnel on defense?
11:38 Alex Marvez:  I'm sure Falcons GM Tom Dimitroff will be looking.
11:38 Alex Marvez:  

This team could still use some depth at d-line and outside linebacker.

11:39 Alex Marvez:  

When I look at the Falcons on paper, it's amazing they got as far as they did with the defensive talent they had in 2008.

11:39  Mike from Long Island asks...

Between being desimated by injuries on both offense and defense last year ( mostly def. secondary and line), and aquiring Terrell Ownens, do you think people are overlooking the Buffalo Bills just a little bit right now?
11:39 Alex Marvez:  There's reason to be excited if you're a Bills fan. That's what the T.O. signing did.
11:40 Alex Marvez:  The Bills need Aaron Schobel to rebound from injury to provide better pass rush.
11:40 Alex Marvez:  I'm not sure the Bills can count on much from Aaron Maybin as a rookie.
Who's fault is it that the T.O. experiment didn't work in Dallas?
Terrell Owens
 ( 82% )
Tony Romo
 ( 0% )
Jason Garrett
 ( 0% )
Jerry Jones
 ( 18% )
Bill Parcells
 ( 0% )

11:40 Alex Marvez:  While the Bills should be improved, I still think they're a 7-9 type of team at best because of the division they play in.
11:40  Back to SD, Robert wonders...

Does Tomlinson have anything left in the tank? He has been breaking down the last couple years.
11:41 [Comment From Mike from Long Island ]
i don't want T.O. i want Terrell.
11:41 Alex Marvez:  Great question. The problem is he keeps breaking down late in the season.
11:41 Alex Marvez:  The Chargers would be wise to shoot for a 50-50 or 60-40 split of carries between Tomlinson and Darren Sproles to keep both fresh entering December.
Who is the best player in the NFL?
Tom Brady, Patriots
 ( 22% )
Peyton Manning, Colts
 ( 22% )
Adrian Peterson, Vikings
 ( 11% )
Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals
 ( 33% )
Randy Moss, Patriots
 ( 0% )
 ( 11% )

11:41 Alex Marvez:  The Chargers also need better run blocking in 2009 as well as improved play from the FB position.
11:42  Speaking of a couple veterans, Eli asks:

Do Derrick Brooks and Chris McAllister have anything left?
11:42 Alex Marvez:  

McAllister should sign somewhere once he recovers from knee surgery.

11:43 Alex Marvez:  I think he's a decent corner at this point in his career but nothing more.
11:43  Offseason's top under-the-radar moves
11:43 Alex Marvez:  As for Brooks, his play really slid in 2008.
11:43 Alex Marvez:  He doesn't have the speed any more to consistently provide great coverage.
11:43 Alex Marvez:  But on the flip side, his experience helps make amends for that. Plus, he is an incredible locker-room leader.
11:44  NFL minicamp photos
11:44 Alex Marvez:  

Honestly, I'm surprised he hasn't signed somewhere by now.

11:44 Alex Marvez:  Maybe Buffalo will kick the tires on him if Piso Tinoasamoa signs elsewhere.
11:44  One of our guests wonders... you think the New York Jets fans' expectations of Mark Sanchez are too high? Do you think he'll be playing in his first year there? Why or why not?
11:44 Alex Marvez:  Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco raised the bar on expectations for rookie QBs to a new level.
11:44  NFL Draft review
11:45 Alex Marvez:  

The Jets' new coach is Rex Ryan, who saw first-hand what Flacco did last season in Baltimore.

11:45 Alex Marvez:  

Unless Kellen Clemens does something to impress -- and we're still waiting for that to happen -- I figure Sanchez will be on the field pretty quickly.

11:46 Alex Marvez:  The Jets, though, have to be careful not to expect too much immediately from a quarterback with only 16 college starts even though he has a nice supporting cast at running back, tight end and along the offensive line.
11:46  Noah has a question about the SB champs:

The Steelers won the title last year despite a subpar offensive line. How do you see that line faring this year without any significant offseason upgrades?
11:46 [Comment From Mike from Long Island ]
Not just Speaking from the heart, but i have to disagree with you on Buffalo. 4-0, 5-1 start last year with the first loss of the season coming to the eventual NFC champs. Then the rash of injuries. Couple that with the fact that the Jets simply aren't that good and everyone will be ready for the Dolphins this year, i think you have a 10-6, 2nd place team hear.
11:46 Alex Marvez:  

Pittsburgh is hoping that Chris Kemoeatu and Darnell Stapleton improve in their second years as full-time starters.

11:47 Alex Marvez:  Max Starks and Willie Colon are adequate tackles. Same goes for Justin Hartwig at center.
11:47 Alex Marvez:  

The big question is whether the continuity of returning the five Super Bowl starters results in a better running game.

11:47 [Comment From Mike ]
Pittsburgh is a pretty solid and intimidating team
11:48 Alex Marvez:  The Steelers need big-time production from Willie Parker and Rashard Mendenhall for a good shot at defending their Super Bowl title.
11:48  A 49ers question from kaicer hayat...

Hey alex marvez do u think the niners will get a pass rusher and what about the qb?
11:48 Alex Marvez:  Greg Ellis would be a real interesting fit in San Francisco if/when he is released by Dallas.
11:48  Latest NFL news
11:49 Alex Marvez:  

The QB situation isn't a great one. I like the intangibles and leadership skills that Shaun Hill brings but I don't think he causes any defensive coordinators to lose sleep.

11:49 Alex Marvez:  Hill would be helped if Josh Morgan, Jason Hill and TE Vernon Davis step up as receivers.
11:49  NFC West offseason moves
11:50 Alex Marvez:  Same goes for Michael Crabtree, although it's hard to expect much from an early-entry junior as a rookie.
11:50 Alex Marvez:  I don't see Alex Smith as much of a factor in the starting QB race.
11:50  Dave from California wants to know:

Which team do you think is going to be the surprise team of the year?
11:50 [Comment From Greg in Vancouver ]
dont' forget michael crabtree!!!!!!!
11:51 Alex Marvez:  

Cincinnati has the chance for a .500 season.

11:51 Alex Marvez:  The defense will be pretty solid and the return of Carson Palmer helps a lot.
Would you want your team to trade for Chad Ochocinco?
Heck yeah, he's a difference-maker
 ( 25% )
No way, he's a team-breaker
 ( 75% )

11:51 Alex Marvez:  If the Bengals can go 2-2 against Pittsburgh and Baltimore, they've got a legit wild-card shot IMO.
11:52 Alex Marvez:  Then again, they are the Bengals. Smile
11:52 [Comment From Mike ]
cinci will do better than 500.
11:52  Here's one from JP regarding one of the big questions floating around the league these days:

Are the Redskins really thinking about Michael Vick?
11:52 Alex Marvez:  Not sure on that one yet.
How should Roger Goodell handle the Michael Vick situation?
Suspend him forever
 ( 20% )
Suspend him for entire 2009 season
 ( 10% )
Suspend him for portion of 2009
 ( 10% )
Reinstate him for this season
 ( 60% )

11:52 Alex Marvez:  I think it's a little premature right now to speculate simply because no one except Roger Goodell is sure when Vick will be reinstated.
11:53  Michael Vick roundtable
11:53 Alex Marvez:  And quite honestly, Goodell might not have made that decision yet either.
11:53 Alex Marvez:  So much will depend on the reinstatement date.
11:53 Alex Marvez:  If it doesn't happen until midseason, there's a good chance Vick could become in demand by a team that is having injury problems at the position.
11:53 Alex Marvez:  There also are some teams who just won't touch him because of all the baggage.
11:54 Alex Marvez:  

Let's also see how Vick conducts himself over the next few months.

11:54  Mark Kriegel on Vick
11:54 Alex Marvez:  

If things don't go well, maybe the UFL will come calling. Smile

11:54  Speaking of the Skins' QB sitch, KP is asking:

Is there anything new regarding Jason Campbell in DC? Is he on a short leash? Does he want out?
11:55  NFC East offseason moves
11:55 Alex Marvez:  

Campbell can't be happy considering the Redskins were seeking a QB upgrade so badly.

11:55 Alex Marvez:  

Campbell may privately want out, but the Redskins didn't have anyone beating down the door for his services earlier this offseason.

11:56  MAXIM's NFL cheerleaders
11:56 Alex Marvez:  Campbell's best bet is to stay in Washington and have a great season. If he does that, Cambell will be in line for a big raise in 2010 when he becomes a free agent.
11:56  And one final question, from Glenn:

Do you think the Giants' offense will be better now that they have had a chance to adjust to things without Plaxico?
11:56 Alex Marvez:  Great question.
11:56 Alex Marvez:  The running game and offensive line should be solid.
11:57 Alex Marvez:  But I still wonder whether this team has a bona fide No. 1 receiver.
Who will win the Super Bowl this season?
 ( 19% )
 ( 19% )
 ( 0% )
 ( 13% )
 ( 50% )

11:57 Alex Marvez:  

It would be great for the G-men if Hakeem Nicks and/or Ramses Barden can at least play a contributing role as rookies.

11:58 Alex Marvez:  But even if the offense isn't great, that defense could be murder with the d-linemen the Giants have assembled.
11:58 Alex Marvez:  The Michael Boley acquisition will help as well.
11:58 Alex Marvez:  I can't wait to see that NFC East scramble for supremacy!
11:58  Actually, one of our video producers poses the question of the day...

Better mullet - you or mark gastineau?
11:58 Alex Marvez:  Gastineau was an original (i think i was 10 when he was sporing his), but I've kept the tradition alive.
11:59 Alex Marvez:  Someone has to carry the flag. I guess it's me. Smile
11:59 Alex Marvez:  Thanks y'all. We'll do this again soon. Smile
11:59  That will do it everyone, we can't thank you enough for sticking with us after the chat blew up and impoded before our eyes, haha!

Thanks again to Alex for hanging with us, and keep it logged on to! Have a great weekend!


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