NFL BOOTLEG: From cheesehead to cheesesteak?

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From cheesehead to cheesesteak?
is watching the WR market dry up. Andy Reid knows that his could use a WR, and, being familiar with Freeman from when they were both , knows that Freeman would be a good fit.

So, what's the problem?

From the article: "Eagles head coach and general manager Andy Reid has consistently touted his corps of young wide receivers - especially , and - while passing on other free-agent receivers during this off-season. ... One of the most familiar refrains during Reid's tenure has been his contention that it takes wide receivers a few years to become fully capable of working in his offense." Of course, Freeman -- who knows how Reid's system works already -- may be the exception to Reid's rule.

But with talks dragging on, odds of a signing go down. Freeman, 30, can't be guaranteed a starting spot. He has also had limited attention from other suitors. Seattle has been talking to him, but they're impressed with their young receivers. Baltimore -- Freeman's hometown -- may not be able to afford him. Kansas City, the other option cited by the Philly Daily News, may be his last best chance.

If this signing is going to happen, it will within the next few days. Don't be surprised if Freeman ends up elsewhere, but be shocked if he finds himself taking an early retirement. He's too good to find himself unemployed.

isn't feeling the happy revolution the light beer of his namesake has begun. The 'Skins don't seem to be interested in him any more, the are likely to pass, and ... is anyone else out there? ... won't be driving much. His latest speeding stop cost him his license. ... Yes, may still end up as the Jag backup. They're just waiting for him to get healthy (last item). ... The only Packer pick without a contract so far is Najeh Davenport. What's the hold up? He decided to leave a floater in someone's closet. ... The are without Ashley Lelie and . Lelie, their first round pick, is probably close to terms but seems to have some details to work out. Elam, the All Pro kicker, was F-tagged when he rejected a contract that included He's holding out for more coin. ... Oops! Alonzo Spellman, arrested last week for drunk driving and destruction of property, missed his court date. ... Injuries to not worry about (yet): strained his calf (second item) but should be back any day. The Niners also lost center Jerry Newberry to the same ailment, and that one may take a few days longer to mend. ... could use some Paxil. The RB suffers from social anxiety disorder and major papers smell a story. ... Late reports on Joey Harrington's deal have the Mighty Duck making $36.5m over the next six years, including a $6 milli nus. He also has something called a $7 million "option bonus" included in there. (It's counted in the $36.5m) That's payable before next year -- if the Kitties don't pay it, the Quacker becomes a free agent. ... The Wichita Falls (Texas) Times Record News has a really long name for a newpaper. But more importantly, they think that Rae Carruth is still guilty, and his appeal will fail.

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