NFL ALL-ACCESS: Can Steelers stop Vick?

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In this week's edition of , Howie Long headed out to Pittsburgh in looking ahead to Sunday's matchup between a couple of 5-3 teams, the Atlanta and the Pittsburgh .

In this exclusive Sneak Peek at Sunday's show, Howie sat with head coach Bill Cowher to ponder how his team intends to defend Atlanta's 22-year-old freak of nature, quarterback . Both Howie and Cowher agree that the NFL has never seen any QB as talented as Vick.

  • HOWIE LONG: One of the hardest things that every team that faces this guy has is: How do you simulate this guy in practice? And I was thinking back to when I was playing with Elway or whatever. How can you possibly simulate this guy?

    BILL COWHER: It¿s hard. You can¿t simulate.


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    HOWIE: Randle El?

    COWHER: Yeah, yeah, Randle El. We have Kordell. But I think the biggest thing is the simulation we¿re trying to create is, on some of the passing plays, is holding the ball longer ¿ rushers continuing to rush, coverage people continuing to cover. So you¿re not going to be able to simulate the speed, but you are gonna be able to simulate the mindset that you better have going into this football game.

    HOWIE: Right. You talked about hoping that you guys get a monsoon on Saturday ¿ inch, inch and a half of rain. Why? COWHER: Well, I guess you¿d think it would close him down, but I guess it¿s still all relative. He¿ll still be that much faster than everybody else. But you know, when you watch him play on turf, it¿s scary. So, the good thing is we¿re playing him at Heinz Field. It¿s been a notorious bad surface. HOWIE: Right. COWHER: And so I¿m just trying to make it worse. HOWIE: Well, you know, over the years in the NFL, there have been accusations made and in particular with the organization that I was with (Oakland ), that when a fast player would come into town, suddenly the sprinkler system would be turned on an excessive amount.

    Who has the key to the sprinkler system here?

    COWHER: I¿ve been talking to Mr. Rooney on a daily basis, and uh...

    HOWIE: (laughing) So, he has the key? COWHER: Well, we don¿t need the key, we just need to have somebody break in there, maybe on Saturday night and just break a pipe or something. So, I¿ve talked about that. I¿m hoping that maybe some people will do that through the course of this city, just take it upon themselves to help us out a little bit. HOWIE: You guys were obviously in a bit of a slide there in the early part of the season and then (Terry) Bradshaw comes back on that Monday night to be the captain ... and he¿s taking direct responsibility for the turnaround. COWHER: And we will bring in Terry again if needed. So, if we feel like we¿re going into a slump, we just fly him in and ... HOWIE: Is the town and the team ready for that? COWHER: Well, once every couple of months is just fine. HOWIE: Once every twenty years. COWHER: It was great have him back, though. HOWIE: He had a great time. COWHER: It was great, it was super.

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