MOORE: Griese may play for his father's old team

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David Moore

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It appears will remain in Denver until the club releases him June 1. That doesn't mean he'll be working out with the team. coach Mike Shanahan said Tuesday that Griese will not participate in the team's minicamps this off-season. The quarterback had surgery on his right shoulder two days after the Super Bowl and is still recovering. "He's not able to throw," said Shanahan, who signed free-agent to replace Griese. "I would say he won't be able to go full speed until the first of June, according to the doctors. "But knowing Brian, he will probably be a little bit quicker than that." Shanahan described the surgery as a clean-up procedure. Still, it is the third time that Griese has had surgery on his right shoulder. The are willing to trade Griese. But since every club in the league knows he will be cut June 1 — splitting his salary cap hit over two seasons instead of one — the teams that are interested appear content to wait. "Any time there is a guy who has had surgery, his arm is in a sling and they won't let the guy have a physical, it's really hard to say some team is going to trade for him," Shanahan said. Dallas, Baltimore and Miami all appear to have some interest in Griese. Those teams may be interested to hear why Shanahan believes the quarterback failed in Denver. "Every quarterback has his strengths and weaknesses, I don't care who you're talking about," Shanahan said. "I think the only thing Brian probably lacked was the ability to make a play when nothing is there. He doesn't have the type of foot quickness that gives you the ability to make things happen when nothing is there. "But he is so intelligent. He can anticipate trouble and gets you out of a lot of trouble by using his head. It won't surprise me if Brian goes to the right team and has a lot of success."

His father's footsteps

Griese has said publicly that he wouldn't mind going to Miami, where his father played and grew up, to back up . "Who knows what's going to happen," coach Dave Wannstedt said. "I know that it doesn't look like anyone is going to trade for him and he's going to be cut in June. "When and if that happens, we'll have some discussions. But we had (free agent) in two weeks ago and (Dolphins backup) will be better than he was last year, no question about that. I'm not in a panic state about our quarterback. "Jay is our starter and we're committed there. If something happens in June with Brian, we'll cross that bridge when we get there."

Failure to communicate

San Diego's and his agent, Marvin Demoff, have been talking to teams about a potential trade. Miami, Arizona, Seattle and Green Bay are on the list. But one team Seau isn't talking to these days is the . "I had a discussion of 30 minutes with Junior," San Diego coach Marty Schottenheimer said of the conversation when he informed the linebacker the he would help facilitate a trade. "I preferred to do it face-to-face, but he wanted to do it on the telephone. "I've tried to reach him a couple of times since he had his press conference. Those attempts have been unsuccessful to this point."

One for all

The league announced Tuesday that officials would now be evaluated as a crew, and those evaluations — not individual assessments — will determine who works the playoffs. "We have always hammered the importance of being a crew and working together as a crew and covering for each other as a crew, yet our system was based on individuals," said Mike Pereira, the league's director of officials. "The ultimate reward, the playoffs, was an individual award. "We will now have a crew-based evaluation system with crew-based rewards." The top eight crews over the course of the regular season will be seeded before the playoffs begin. The top three crews will work wild-card weekend. Two of those crews will then work the AFC and NFC championship games with the top group getting the Super Bowl. "When a crew knows its performance will determine whether they work in the playoffs, they will work a lot harder together," Pereira said. "They will certainly learn their weaknesses and strengths and be able to cover for each other. "The bottom line for us is they will work to get every, single, solitary play right. We know it will foster a good atmosphere on the field."

This and that

  • A vote will be taken Wednesday on proposals to alter the current overtime system — ensuring each team has at least one possession — and on expanding the playoff field to 14 by adding one team in each conference. There is a chance the vote to expand the playoffs will be delayed until the owners get together again in May.
  • Offensive tackle , who was traded from New Orleans to St. Louis last week, was scheduled to make the five-hour drive from San Diego to Phoenix on Tuesday to sign a new contract with the . After that, Turley and his wife were going to drive to St. Louis and begin looking for a place to live.
  • The will move cornerback to safety and replace him in the starting lineup with .
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