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David Moore

David Moore has been the senior football writer for FOX Sports since Aug. 2005. He appears weekly on the FSN Baseball Report and MLB on FOX. One more line lorem ipsum dolor sit amet e pluribus unum.



is one of the NFL's most engaging personalities. The Green Bay quarterback has a handle on what it means to be a star in this league, yet remains genuine in his desire to be one of the guys and fit in with his teammates. It's a line Favre manages to walk because he's as likely to poke fun at himself as he is a teammate. Comments that would come across as harsh or self-serving when made by other athletes lose their sting when issued in Favre's non-judgmental tone. Favre sat down after a recent practice to discuss his thoughts on the changes the made at receiver during the off-season, his supporting cast through the years, his level of sophistication — not — when he entered the league, how he handles negative press and what sets him apart from the majority of his peers. Q: Green Bay made sweeping changes at wide receiver during the off-season. Do you like what was done? A: I mean no disrespect to guys who have played here, but the talent that has been brought in and drafted is head over heels better as a group than we've had here in the past. There is no substitute for production. The only thing I'm saying is, and it's been laid in front of those guys, that the sky is the limit. What they bring to the table, guys as a whole in the past didn't have. Q: Your top three wide receivers from last season — , and — are all gone. You lobbied to keep Freeman and think very highly of him as a receiver. What about Schroeder and Bradford? A: Those guys, in my opinion, had enough time to establish themselves as premier guys. They were given chances other guys never have gotten. Corey probably had the most talent of them all, but by far was the least knowledgeable when it came to being a receiver. And Billy ... If you just look at his stats, if he had 100 catches it would have been for about 3,000 yards because when he caught it, they were big plays. What people don't realize is in that Atlanta game last year I had three picks and all three were to him. When that happens on a regular basis, there's a problem. Q: You have already called the best pure receiver you've been around. What do you think of first round pick Javon Walker?

"Every year it seems like I've had a different guy. And we never had a rushing game until . Yet, I've won one Super Bowl, I've won three MVPs and racked up an ungodly number of touchdown passes. I not only survived, but survived in a spectacular way with just guys."

-- on the receivers he's played with at Green Bay
A: The first mini-camp here, he was terrible. Since then, he's studied. What I really like is his willingness to work and learn and take criticism. He can really run and do a lot of the little things, like staying down and not raising up until it's time to make his break. Bigger guys tip off the routes sometimes because they come up too early. He's shown flashes. For him to have made some of the catches he's made in this camp ... Q: And what about ? A: Last year at this time, I would have told you I can't believe we drafted him. But he's come a long way in a year and he's working his butt off. Ferguson has just as much talent as Walker, but he's a different player. He's more physical. He's a big, stocky guy who's built like Sterling (Sharpe). But he's real raw, a street ball kind of guy. He spent what, two years at Texas A&M? I doubt seriously they spent much time teaching him how to beat bump-and-run or how to set up a defender. They probably just said, "Hey, run this 25-yard dig and get open." Q: Would you say you were a little raw as a quarterback coming out of Southern Mississippi? A: I didn't know what a 7-on-7 drill was. I didn't know about a nickel or dime defense. I heard all that stuff. I knew it was something important as far as the quarterback of the offense was concerned. Although once I found out, it wasn't all that important. You just take one guy out and put another guy in. , when he was here my first year, was so far ahead of me in reading defenses and stuff like that. I was asking what is nickel. He was like, "you're joking, right." Well, that's where is. Q: When Ron Wolf stepped down as general manager before last season, he said he had done the franchise a disservice by not surrounding you with more talented receivers. Do you feel the concentrated on other areas because they figured you would succeed with whoever was at receiver? A: Every year it seems like I've had a different guy. And we never had a rushing game until . Yet, I've won one Super Bowl, I've won three MVPs and racked up an ungodly number of touchdown passes. I not only survived, but survived in a spectacular way with just guys. Q: You have told Glenn the best way to handle negative attention from media and fans is to go out and produce. Is that your approach? A: I've had bad things written about me. I will have more bad things written about me. Am I mad at the people writing? No. Part of the time they're right. Part of the time they're not right. I don't give a damn. I mean, everyone wants nice things written or said about them. But I've always had the ability to prove them wrong. When I can't, I'll walk off the field and retire. Q: Has age eroded your skills in any way? A: Am I still the same player? I believe I am. Do I still have the same ability? Can I move the same? Probably not. I'm just guessing, but at some point, you would think 12 years in the league would take its toll. But I still believe I can be better than anyone out there. I'm an example that the most talented athlete isn't always on top. I'm not the tallest, biggest or fastest quarterback around. Now, I feel my arm may be as strong as anyone in the league. And I feel like my ability to win and lead is head over heels better than everyone else. Call it cocky. Call it confident. Not to knock the other guys, but that's what I feel. As I sit here today, I feel that attitude has carried me this far, and I haven't proven myself wrong yet. David Moore can be reached at his e-mail address,
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