JUDGE: Cowboys might let Jammer stay in Texas

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Cornerback Quentin Jammer isn't interested in leaving Texas, but his next move isn't up to him. It's up to the NFL Draft, which isn't exactly big on accommodating sentiment. So Jammer moves to the city that drafts him Saturday, and that's the end of that. "I just want to be drafted in the top five," he said at Friday's pre-draft luncheon. No problem there. If he's not taken at the third position, the league should demand a recount. Jammer may be the best player in the draft, and with Carolina taking defensive end Julius Peppers at the No. 2 spot, Jammer should go next. But this just in: He can go there and still not have to leave Texas. That would require some maneuvering, but maneuvering is what Detroit — which has the third choice — and Dallas — which has the sixth — are talking about. The Cowboys are interested in a cornerback, and Jammer is at the top of their list. Detroit is interested in a cornerback, too, but the Lions are willing to deal. Put the two together, and you have a legitimate trade talk.
SCOUTING REPORT draft guru Brian DeLucia says: "Texas' Quentin Jammer has a lot of potential as a difference-maker in someone's secondary due to his physical skills."
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  • "I just heard about it," Jammer said. "That would be great. I'd love to play for Dallas. I've only been out of Texas a couple of times, which shows you how much I love it there." Actually, when the trips aren't for football games, high school recruiting trips or NFL-related activities, he's been out of Texas once. That was this spring when he went to Las Vegas to visit a friend. "I love Texas," said Jammer, who grew up outside of Houston. "Other than the fact that it's home, the people are great, and the weather is unpredictable. And I like that. Even though my home was only 2 1/2 hours away I was so homesick I barely made it through my freshman and sophomore years of college." There is no guarantee a deal will be consummated. In fact, if you look at what Dallas has to offer it's not much. The Cowboys have one pick in each of the first five rounds, so they almost surely would have to include a combination of choices, including the second-rounder. Dealing to the sixth spot wouldn't assure Detroit of cornerback Phillip Buchanon, though the chances are good he still will be there. Detroit is insistent that it emerges from this draft with either Buchanon or Jammer. Buchanon is an outstanding cover corner who doesn't have Jammer's size and is not as physical. He also doesn't have Jammer's record. In his college career, Jammer allowed one touchdown in 38 games — and then, he said, it was on a jump ball against Stanford where he jokingly claimed it wasn't his fault. "When we played, we got to do what we wanted," he said. "I like playing up with a guy, where it's his skills versus my skills. It's a game within a game." The game now is to locate the next home for Jammer. It's Detroit's decision, and Jammer is open to all possibilities. He'd love to play for the Lions. He'd love to play for the Cowboys. And he won't say which he'd prefer, but you don't need a road map to follow a guy's heart. "It wouldn't bother me (if I were drafted by Dallas)," he said. "It wouldn't bother me at all." Clark Judge can be reached at his e-mail address,
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