Super Bowl commercials: Fourth quarter

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Share This Story editors John Galinsky, Kathy Lyford, Jim McCurdie and Scott Wilson review the Super Bowl ads in real-time (or something approximating real-time). Enjoy!

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Budweiser -- Select 55

Back to the tried and true visual for selling beer: An extreme close-up of an icy bottle of brew. This is intended to make us thirst for Bud’s Select 55 product. Mission accomplished. It just looks good. -- JM

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Vizio -- Internet Apps

We saw Beyonce and didn’t notice anything else. Maybe a zombie was in there. Apparently everything you like on the Internet can be seen on your television now. -- KL

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Google -- French love story

Really clever commercial showing only the Google searches of a traveler in Paris as he tries to find the Louvre, then a cafe, then woos a French woman, then finds a job in France, then gets instructions on how to assemble a crib for their child. It shows how Google can help create a happy life instead of being used just for finding naked pictures of celebrities. -- JG

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Emerald Nuts and Pop Secret -- Water show

Humans doing Dolphin tricks makes for some eye-catching visuals, but the product seems to take a back seat here, and this turns out to be an attempt to push two snack items within the same 30-second spot. Will you remember either one of them on your next visit to the market? We think not. -- JM

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EA -- Dante's Inferno

OK. I love Bill Withers’ music. And I get the plot of the game (I think). You have to save a woman. And there’s no sunshine in Hell. But I don’t think this one worked. For a game that involves visions of Hell, I’d expect to hear something heavy metal-ish. Maybe some Ozzy, the Prince of Darkness himself. Bill Withers? Not so much. -- SW

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  • Which was the worst Super Bowl commercial?
    • Focus on the Family -- Tebows
    • Doritos -- It's a miracle
    • Denny's -- Free Grand Slam
    • Bridgestone -- The choice
    • Michelob Ultra -- Lance Armstrong
    • Budweiser -- Clydesdale's new friend
    • Honda -- Accord Crosstour
    • Taco Bell -- Barkley fattens up
    • --Too hot for TV
    • E*Trade -- Baby on the plane

Budweiser -- Clydesdale's new friend

Bud had decided not to use its Clydesdale horses in a Super Bowl ad until an online fan vote urged them to do so. They shouldn’t have bothered. It’s a cheesy spot about a baby Clydesdale growing up with a Longhorn steer. When they’re full grown, the two see each other and the steer knocks down a fence to reach his childhood buddy. It would be poignant if it wasn’t so lame. -- JG

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Denny's -- Screamin' chickens

We revisit the Denny’s “bad day to be a chicken” theme from the third quarter here. The tight shot of a chicken in space gets your attention, but the bottom line is this: Denny’s is giving away Grand Slam breakfasts this Tuesday. Pass the syrup, please. -- JM

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Honda -- Accord Crosstour

Squirrels collect a lot of stuff. The Honda Accord Crosstour holds a lot of stuff. That doesn’t convince me to buy one. -- KL

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Taco Bell -- Barkley fattens up

Take one look at Charles Barkley’s waistline and it’s easy to envision him rolling into the late-night Taco Bell drive-thru and stuffing his face with cheap, fatty Mexican food. Too many of the Super Bowl commercials feature celebrity spokesmen who are clearly there simply to pick up a paycheck, but this is a product the Round Mound of Rebound really seems to believe in. -- JG

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Audi -- Green police

Funny. Sure, we all need to be more environmentally conscious. But it’s always funny when stuff like that is taken to the extreme. If a car could allow you to go around real police checkpoints like the one in the commercial, it’d be well worth it. Until that day, I’ll try to avoid a ticket for recycling. -- SW

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Bud Light -- Book club

A guy and his buddies drop in on a book club whose membership consists mostly of attractive females. We quickly learn he’s not there to discuss the finer points of character development. This chapter is devoted to babes and beer, a proven winning combination. -- JM

To watch this ad, click here. --Too hot for TV

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Did you miss any of the Super Bowl commercials? Want to see them again? We've got everything you need right here. Check out photos, video, and our commentary on all the new ads from the big game.

I’m tired of these tease commercials. If you can’t show me what’s worth looking at while I’m watching your commercial, don’t expect me to go to your Web site to watch more of it. I won’t do it, Go Daddy. You can’t make me. No matter how hard you try. -- SW

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Doritos -- Gym ninja

A couple of gym rats stole a bag of Doritos from the wrong guy -- the gym ninja. Funnier than it deserves to be. -- KL

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E*Trade -- Baby on the plane

Let me just say this: I want the old E*Trade baby back. This new kid’s OK, but he just can’t hang with the original. It’s like Timothy Dalton trying to hold a candle to Sean Connery’s James Bond. Memo to E*Trade’s ad agency: Get that “Shankapotamus” kid’s agent on the phone. Do whatever it takes. -- JM

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Hyundai -- Crowd Surfing

Another pretty good one from Hyundai. A crowd-surfing chassis is cool. But, really, the whole time I was watching this commercial, all I kept thinking was, “Are they really holding up that car? Is that physically possible? Or am I again being fooled by Hollywood trickery?" Damn you, Hollywood. Damn you. -- SW

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