FOX SUNDAY SHOWCASE: Week 11 highlights

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Check out some of the shenanigans from Sunday for both FOX Sports' and Fox Sports Net's :

The league slapped a 4-game suspension on DE after he tested positive for an Ephedra supplement. FOX NFL Sunday debates whether the penalty was appropriate.

  • Pam Oliver sat down with head coach Steve Mariucci, and to break down the offense. Oliver gets the lowdown on the relationship between Owens and Garcia.

  • Terry Bradshaw puts on his thinking cap and teaches some of the NFL's top quarterbacks. Check out his educational style and see which player earns the highest grade in the class.

    Jimmy Kimmel, who was 2-2 last weekend, makes his picks for Week 11 and shares his opinion on the NFL's recent attempt to keep its officials slim.

    Jillian Barberie gives a glimpse of the national weather forecast. Check out Barberie's latest predictions and see how they affect your favorite team's game.


    Every week The NFL Show picks their top five teams in the league. Check and see if your favorite team cracked the top of the charts.

    Rapper Ice Cube joins Michael "The Playmaker" Irvin and the rest of The NFL Show crew to discuss "difference makers" around the league and how they will affect matchups this weekend.

    Rapper Ice Cube stops by the FOX Field to join The NFL Show crew and discuss the "game within the game." Watch as Cube and the guys analyze how you can use the other team's weaknesses to your advantage.

    Tony Siragusa has really picked it up recently, going 9-2-1 in the last two weeks. But how did Tony do when pitted against hardcore rapper Ice Cube?

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  • Sunday's show quotebook:
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    FOX NFL Sunday

    Howie slams the NFL on supplements

    Howie Long on suspended Carolina Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers: "On November 12th, Julius Peppers was notified that he would be suspended four games for testing positive for an epheda-based supplement.

    To clear things up, these supplements can be found in just about any supermarket or vitamin store, and as a matter of fact-a majority of our audience sitting out there today would test positive right now under the current NFL steroid policy."

  • Terry's Top 10 Young QBs

    Terry Bradshaw posted his Top 10 Young NFL QBs (age 26 and under):

    1. Michael Vick (Falcons)
    2. Peyton Manning (Colts)
    3. Donovan McNabb (Eagles)
    4. Aaron Brooks (Saints)
    5. Joey Harrington (Lions)
    6. David Carr (Texans)
    7. Tom Brady (Pats)
    8. Marc Bulger (Rams)
    9. Daunte Culpepper (Vikings)
    10. Tim Couch (Browns)

    Detroit Lions quarterback Joey Harrington referenced Terry during a pregame show interview: "I think the biggest thing I've learned so far is that the holes in the secondary close more rapidly than they did in college. I've got to make decisions a lot quicker so that I don't throw 24 interceptions in my rookie season like someone did in 1970."

    Weak Giants

    Terry Bradshaw on the New York Giants: "Since defensive tackle Keith Hamilton has been out with injury, the Giants defense has been giving up an average of 215 rushing yards a game, the worst in the NFL."

    Owens to Garcia: Let me be me

    San Francisco 49er wide receiver Terrell Owens sat down with NFL on FOX reporter Pam Oliver this week to discuss his working relationship with quarterback Jeff Garcia.

    Terrell Owens: "Sometimes, (when double-covered), I feel like he should force it into me."

    Pam Oliver: "So you can make something happen."

    Owens: "Exactly. Look, if it were Brett Favre, things would be different. I know (Favre) would squeeze it into some tight spots."

    Say goodnight to Al Davis

    Jimmy Johnson on the Oakland Raiders: "Al Davis knows that the windows of opportunities to win Super Bowls are very, very small. And when they lost that 'tuck rule' game against the Patriots last year in the snow, I think he knows that window shut, as well as his last chance to win a Super Bowl."

    Terry loves Jake

    Terry Bradshaw on Sunday's Arizona-Philadelphia matchup: "In the last eight games between these two teams, the Cardinals have won five of them. And in 1998-99, Arizona swept Philadelphia behind quarterback Jake Plummer.

    Now, reports out of Arizona tell us that the Cardinals will not re-sign Plummer after this season, as they feel they can go out and get another quarterback to fill his spot, which is hard for me to believe."

    FSN's The NFL Show

    Fox Sports Net's THE NFL SHOW pregame show, now in its fourth season, is a 90-minute program airing Saturday nights in late night and re-airs at 10:30 a.m. ET each Sunday morning. Hosted by Chris Myers, with Super Bowl champions , Michael Irvin, and comedian Tommy Davidson.

    Also starring ...

    This week's THE NFL SHOW Guests:

  • Actor/rap artist Ice Cube, who picked against Tony Siragusa in his weekly "Six-Pack."
    "The NFL Show" on Fox Sports Net
    Also the lead host of NASCAR on FOX, Myers returns as the NFL pregame ringleader on Fox Sports Net.
    The recently retired NFL defensive lineman anchored the defense for the Super Bowl champion .
    Irvin was a member of three Super Bowl champion teams with the Dallas .
    Farr played defensive line for the Super Bowl champion St. Louis during his eight-year NFL career.
    starred on TV's In Living Color and has been a successful comedian and movie star.

    Goose bites Martz

    Tony Siragusa on the quarterback situation in St. Louis: "(Mike) Martz is setting this guy (Marc) Bulger up for failure. He is going to throw him in there hoping he doesn't have a good game because Marshall (Faulk) is not 100 percent. Then, it will be an easier transition to get Warner back into the job."

    Raiders need Rogaine and Geritol

    Michael Irvin on the New England/Oakland revenge game: "The Raiders played a tough game Monday night. These boys are old. Check their birth certificates, they are old. It's hard for the old guys to turn around from a Monday night game and play a big game like this one on Sunday. I guarantee you New England wins this game."

    Who likes kissing their sister?

    Tony Siragusa on the Atlanta/Pittsburgh game that ended in a tie: "Get rid of ties. No one goes home happy. No fans are happy. There has to be a loser, there has to be a winner. This is the NFL."

    Don't worry, he's a 'Cane

    Michael Irvin on Ravens rookie Ed Reed, who fumbled the ball in a premature touchdown celebration last Sunday, being a fellow University of Miami grad: "We get everybody all uptight and then we come back and make it all right."

    NFL's Young Guns

    Following a special segment looking at the new breed of young NFL quarterbacks including Tom Brady, Michael Vick, Drew Brees, Chad Pennington, Joey Harrington and David Carr, D'Marco Farr selected his favorite: "For my money, I would have to go with Joey Harrington. If Matt Millen would get off his butt and get an offensive line to protect the kid, get a running game, get a defense, this kid will be in the championship game soon." Michael Irvin joked when asked if he would enjoy playing with Falcons QB Michael Vick: "I like Michael Vick. But I don't want to play with him. He is running for third downs and running for touchdowns when he should be throwing to me. "

    Brett's easy to read

    In the Dockers Defender Strategy Of The Week, Tony Siragusa explains how to read Green Bay's QB Brett Favre: "When Brett Favre has his chin strap unbuckled, the ball in going downfield. When he has his chin strap buckled, he is up at the line of scrimmage afraid that they might touch him."

    Chris Myers' Inside Scoop

  • Myers on the Rams: "Some in the Rams organization believe that (Kurt) Warner is damaged goods in terms of his health and were out scouting Carson Palmer at USC."

  • Myers also reported that Julius Peppers, the rookie from Carolina who was suspended for four games after violating the league's anti-drug policy, could lose a $1 million bonus in his salary in addition to his pay check that he would gotten had he gone to the Pro Bowl.
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