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Curt Menefee, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, Michael Strahan, Jay Glazer & Jimmy Johnson
Submit your questions for the FOX NFL Sunday team.
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Got NFL questions and need the straight scoop from football's top experts? Want to get your crazy mug on TV this Sunday? This is your lucky day, as FOX NFL Sunday is fielding your questions through the weekend for their Rapid Fire segment on Sunday's pregame show at 12 p.m. ET on FOX.

Be Seen, Be Heard
on FOX NFL Sunday


Tips to make it on air

• BE A FAN: Paint your face, wear your gear, etc.
• BE FUN: Get crazy, be funny — it's just a game!
• BE SMART: While you're having fun, give us a smart and timely question or opinion regarding this week's games or big topics.

Video file suggestions

• FILE SIZE: Try to limit your file size as much as possible.
• FILE TYPE: We can work with most types, like .mov and other flash files for example.
• VIDEO LENGTH: Keep it between 10-20 seconds preferably ... if it's too long, TV probably won't use it. So be short & sweet, cut to the chase, stop beating around the bush ... in other words, don't be like that last sentence.

There are TWO ways to get involved:

1. Are you a wild football fan? Got a strong opinion or question for the pregame gang? Get dressed up, paint your face, set up the web cam and fire the FOX NFL Sunday gang your best video submission. Use your web cam, cell phone camera or any other contraption to record your own question or opinion. Follow the instructions and suggestions (at right), read the Terms & Conditions here, download the Submission form here and fill it out — then e-mail us BOTH your video file and submission form.

2. Send a text question via e-mail, and be sure to include your name and hometown in the message.

Then watch FOX NFL Sunday and stick around for Curt, Terry, Howie, Jimmy and Michael with the Rapid Fire segment to see if your question was chosen by the guys.

NOTE: By e-mailing your video clip, FOX Sports and reserves the exclusive rights to usage on all of the FOX Sports television and FOX Interactive Media properties as desired.

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