DRAFT DIARIES: Randle El cheers on the Hoosiers

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In the final weeks leading up to the NFL Draft (April 20-21 in New York City), Indiana QB Antwaan Randle El will share his life in his weekly Draft Diaries as he approaches the day of his dreams.


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    Final Four Time!

    Yeah! The Hoosiers made the Final Four and they're my pick to win it all! I want to head to Atlanta but it's Easter weekend and there is a lot going on. But I'm going to be right here at the house with my dad and my brother is coming in town from Indianapolis. We'll have the chips and dip, pound cake, crunch cake and be ready to go! I was right here watching the Kent State game. They were on fire! Unreal. Coming out of the gate ... up, it's already over. Tom Coverdale got hurt but they were still just destroying Kent State I've called a couple of the guys on the team but I'm sure they've been pretty busy. I've left Coach Mike Davis a couple of messages and just scream into the phone "Good Job!" I'm sure he's getting a lot of those. I'm closer on the team to Dane Fife and Kyle Hornsby. Tom and Jared Jeffries came in later after I left [Randle-El played for the Hoosiers basketball team in the 1998-99]. With Tom's injury, I think I've eligibility left but at this point I wouldn't do it. Last time I played basketball with the team I broke two fingers — the second metacarpal and the fourth metacarpal. But I still play a little pickup with the guys. I haven't been around campus but I've gotten calls from my cousin and other people there. The place is going crazy. As soon as Indiana beat Duke everyone was calling. Assembly Hall was going crazy. They are crazy about basketball. It's unreal. Nobody thought Coach Davis could do it, but he got them to believe. All of this Final Four stuff has been a little bit of a distraction. I still have my time to work out but I just need to adjust my schedule so I can watch the Hoosiers. Luckily the gym I to is open 24 hours, so I can go anytime I want.

    Family matters

    My family has always been a big impact to me but it's been even bigger lately. My mom and dad and my brother Curtis have been traveling with me, from the East-West Shrine game to the Senior Bowl. They were right there for both of those games. For a lot of people it's not important but it's important to me to have my family right there by my side. They're always there encouraging me, guiding my life. They've done that all through college but they are really doing it now. Now that I'm back in Chicago it's actually a little weird. I see them all the time now. Not just my mom and dad and younger brother, but cousins, grandparents. It's good I can hang out with them now because it's going to get really busy real soon. Once the draft is over, your life is no longer yours. I've always been close to my daughter Ciara, who is now 10 months old, but I get to spend a lot more time with her in Chicago. It's meant a lot. At school it was a little tough because I'd only see her on weekends and when we would play on the road, sometimes not at all. That's one of the really good things to be back in town. I get to see her enough now. She's a rough kid already — she's trying to learn how to walk now. She's got a bunch of toys here at the house for her to play with and I always keep the video camera on. Having her doesn't put any pressure on me but it does motivate me more. Not just playing in games but preparing for games and everything I do.

    Big Easter weekend

    This is going to be a good weekend with Easter. Sunday is going to be early, though. I'll be getting up at 4 or 5 a.m. because we've got a 6 a.m. church service. And I've got to have my breakfast way earlier than that!
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