CZAR: Storylines from Week 11

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Those supporting quarterback haven¿t been listening to the young man. He¿s happy he got an opportunity to turn his team¿s season around, but is the starting quarterback. We agree with coach Mike Martz. Warner is a two-time NFL MVP and he deserves a chance to play.

Has anyone considered that maybe it¿s the offense? That maybe Martz wised up and went back to the drawing board and found ways for Bulger to win? His first choice was having Bulger hand off to . Last night against the Chicago , Bulger was mass protected in critical spots, particularly on the game-winning touchdown pass to .

Finally, there isn¿t a quarterback in the NFL who wouldn¿t love throwing to and every Sunday. The will tell you that Bruce is fading, but he sure played like a hungry kid the past two games.

The gave the ¿ offensive line fits at times Monday night, but they simply didn¿t have a secondary to match up with the St. Louis receivers. Bulger, who will earn $375,000 next season as an ¿exclusive rights¿ player, has proven that he¿s extremely accurate and also unwavering in the pocket. He never looked at the rush last night.

If Warner struggles next Sunday against the Washington , Martz won¿t allow the game to slip away. Now, back to 5-5 after that awful 0-5 start, Martz knows his team cannot afford another loss if they actually want to dream about a playoff spot.

Peppers will play

Carolina rookie defensive end will play Sunday against the Atlanta simply because the NFL couldn¿t fit the player¿s appeal into this week. Peppers, who tested positive for a banned ephedra-based supplement, is a facing a four-game suspension and losses of $230,000 in paychecks.

Peppers, who leads the NFL with 11 sacks, apparently took a diet pill and a random test on Sept. 25 turned positive. His appeal will be next Tuesday.

The NFL has also fined the Oakland for reportedly distributing a banned stimulant to some of their players. The aren¿t confirming the fine, claiming the league¿s drug program is supposed to be confidential. Of course, the NFL sent a league-wide memo to all of its teams last week saying it had fined a team for such an infraction.

In our health-crazed society, millions of Americans might flunk the NFL¿s urine test for banned stimulants because ephedra is a common ingredient in many diet pills and also in over-the-counter cold medications. Thirty years ago, some NFL players would pop bennies, black beauties or some other illegal amphetamines prior to games for a simple energy boost.

The league banned ephedra in September of last season, believing it may have been a factor in the death of Minnesota ¿ offensive tackle Korey Stringer.

Big mouth

The Miami are claiming that head coach Brian Billick taunted cornerback during last Sunday¿s game. Madison claims that Billick said: ¿Sam, do you want to see my ring? It¿s as close as you¿re going to get to it.¿

Billick claims he said none of that and that he wasn¿t wearing his Super Bowl ring during the game.

The , including head coach Dave Wannstedt, aren¿t buying any of Billick¿s denials. Miami linebacker claims that Benny Thompson, the special teams¿ coach, was also particularly mouthy on the sidelines.

And fans wonder where the players get their antics?

Where's the offense?

That¿s what owner Jerry Jones is asking himself, knowing his team has scored only 30 points in its last four games. Or, about what the Atlanta are averaging in their last five games.

Last Sunday, the were facing one of the NFL¿s worst run defenses and decided to run only 15 times against the Indianapolis . Pretty soon there will be a mutiny among the offensive assistant coaches who get no respect from offensive coordinator Bruce Coslet, the organizer of what Dallas is attempting to do, considering the sad state of their offensive line. went on IR Tuesday.

There is no doubt that the Dallas staff and players are divided on the /Chad Hutchinson issue. Many believe that Carter¿s running ability might have kept Dallas more competitive these past three weeks.

The offensive line has started ten different linemen, but Coslet refuses to employ the shotgun to give Hutchinson a fighting chance when passing. Coslet never accounted for rookie , a super-quick pass rusher last Sunday. Also, some staffers thought Coslet should have been running at Freeney, who is extremely light.

Notes and thoughts

  • If can prove his throwing shoulder isn¿t bothering him, he could start Sunday against the . This would be coach Steve Spurrier¿s fifth QB change of the season.

  • and are making a patchwork San Diego offensive line look very good. Hudson Houck did a solid job against the , considering three of the five starters never were on a NFL field until this season.

  • is too tough for his own good. I¿m going to believe coach Andy Reid that McNabb didn¿t do further damage to his ankle by playing on it last Sunday. But the team was wrong not to take X-rays of his broken ankle at halftime.

  • is saving Dan Reeves¿ coaching job. Unless they go belly up, the figure to be a playoff team come January.

  • The have allowed 20 or more points on defense for 14 consecutive games. It¿s why they are a fragile team when talking playoffs. The defense simply isn¿t stopping anybody.

  • The NFL¿s best outdoors player is ; the best indoor player is Vick.
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