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We chicks have a reputation for playing favorites with the tall, powerful and handsome quarterbacks. But we realize variety is the spice of life and we have been broadening our horizons when it comes to checking out the gridiron gods. The quarterbacks may have the tempting guns, but it is the running backs who have the virile legs we adore. This week it is once again time to check out the league's most luscious legs as we search for "Mr. Hot Legs 2002." So flex those gams, fellas — we chicks are ready to judge! The tides certainly do change in a hurry in the NFL (no wonder it stands for "Not For Long!). Last year the three finalists were , and . All three men have been showing their age as they have each struggled this season. None of these guys rank among the league's top 13 rushers and they have disappointed us week in and week out. But do not feel sorry for us — when one man lets us down, we always find another (or several!) to satisfy our needs. This year many brawny backs have dashed into our hearts with spine-tingling performances. Our lucky finalists include a sexy sophomore, a jilted New Orleans bride and an insatiable Priest. Let's take a closer look at these three fine fellas! Contestant No. 1 — :
Last year young LaDainian performed like a typical 22-year old novice. He came out in a heated rush and then ran out of juice down the stretch. But after a year's experience, the sizzling sophomore is thrilling his mates by proving he has the endurance to go the distance. The are trying to avoid last year's slide and are relying on their scrumptious back to lead them to the playoffs. Tomlinson came through huge last week as he carried his team on his potent legs to an overtime victory against the . Tomlinson abused the league's stingiest rush defense for 220 yards on the ground and now ranks second in the league with a stunning 1,318 rushing yards. He also worked his magic on the Denver boys for three scores, bringing his season total to 12 rushing touchdowns. This frisky young lad has not even reached his prime and should be a Hot Legs contender for years to come! Contestant No. 2 — :
Ricky received quite a bit of attention in 1999 as Coach Ditka's coveted bride, but the marital bliss did not last long. The wanted more bang from their back and went with a younger man as they sent Ricky packing to Miami. Everyone knew good things would happen once offensive guru Norv Turner got his greedy hands on Ricky. And so far he has lived up to our expectations. With just 12 games under his belt, Williams has already broken the single-season rushing record with 1,284 yards. We must admit that Ricky falls a bit short in the physique department. Sure, he is beefy — but the squatty look is not our cup of tea. But Ricky's stumpy, muscular legs and massive butt make him a tough load to level. If you do not believe us, just ask the Buffalo boys, who Ricky ran all over in Week 13. Williams braved a Buffalo blizzard to rush for a career-high 228 yards and two scores. The criticized Ricky for lacking big-play ability, but he proved them wrong by busting loose for touchdowns of 45 and 55 yards. Just imagine the damage Dan Marino could have done in his day if he had a lethal back like Ricky on the roster! If the 'Fins make it to the Big Dance this year, they can certainly thank the for giving them their ticket. Contestant No. 3 — :
Many football fans thought this ex-Raven backup was just a one-year wonder when he exploded in his first season with the last year. Well, think again fools! Holmes keeps getting hotter and hotter. He is leading the league with 1,322 rushing yards after 12 games. When Holmes wants a change of pace from banging away on the ground, he is not afraid to take his game to the air and currently leads his team with 66 receptions. But what truly sets Holmes apart from the other boys is his ability to sniff out the end zone. The Priest has done so much scoring this season, we are getting dizzy just trying to keep track! But the stats show he has tallied 22 total touchdowns and is just four scores away from tying 's single season record of 26 touchdowns. We chicks are breathless just watching him! And the winner is ...
Congratulations, Priest — you have been voted Mr. Hot Legs 2002! All three of our finalists have blasted through holes with consistency this season and elevated their teams' offenses. But when it comes to picking a winner, you gotta score on the gridiron to score with the chicks. And when it comes to scoring, Holmes is in a class of his own. Good work, stud!
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