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The old saying is that the backup quarterback is always the most popular player on the team. After looking around the NFL this season we can certainly see why — there are some red-hot guns springing up from the benches! Super Bowl MVPs and were each preseason backups at the beginning of their thrilling ride to the Big Dance. Now everyone is looking for the next Cinderella story and plenty of virile men have been auditioning for the role. So which fresh guns are capable of becoming top quarterbacks in the league? This week we will take a look at some of the hot, new QBs on the block who are making our temperatures rise.

(Pittsburgh ): He is no spring chicken, but the former insurance salesman has been quite a head-turner this season. Tommy Boy is the best thing that came out of the XFL and thanks to Maddox we got a nice break from watching screw up week in and week out. While Kordell rode the pine, Tommy lit up the gridiron with eye-popping performances. In Week 10 Maddox threw for 473 yards, which is a team record and more than any other quarterback in a single-game performance this season. And in less than seven-and-a-half games, Maddox tallied more touchdowns (16) than threw during the entire 2001 season. After a frightful injury, Maddox will be sidelined as he recovers from the trauma, but he made a lasting impression in his eight performances and it is safe to say that we have not seen the end of torrid Tommy. The used to rely on the beefy legs of and their stellar ground game, which was the best in the NFL last season. But during Tommy¿s reign, Pittsburgh enjoyed a balanced attack on offense making them an even tougher team to defend and did not suffer a loss for five straight weeks. With Maddox at the helm the have catapulted from 0-2 duds to playoff-bound studs and are leading the AFC North with a 5-4-1 record. If Cowher is lucky, Tommy will be back to guide his unit to glory. (New York ): Well, it is about time this third-year player got a shot to strut his stellar stuff. After all, he was not taken with a first-round draft pick just to lounge around on the sidelines and look cute (although he did do a great job of it!). We chicks have always been fans of , but age was starting to take a toll on the Italian beefcake and the offense was starting to make their fans snore. It was time to let the youngster take the bull by the horns and see if he can ride. There is nothing like a lad in his prime to get a unit exploding. With Chad¿s skillful touch, the ¿ once offensive offense has actually become tolerable to watch. The baby-faced babe has brought out the sparkle in receiver who has been eager to accept his randy partner¿s passes. Chad has got his mates scoring with regularity and they have catapulted from 1-4 to 5-5. They are now in a three-way tie just one game behind the Miami for the division lead. Chad is coming off his best performance of the season in which he completed over 80 percent of his passes against the sleazy Detroit . He also tossed four touchdowns and finished the game with a 126.9 passer rating. For the season Pennington leads the NFL in completion percentage (71 percent) and leads the AFC in passer rating (99.8). As long as Chad is swinging his big gun with confidence, the team looks fit to make a legitimate playoff run. (St. Louis ): It is tough not to drool over Bulger¿s bulging stats. Marc¿s fun run is now over as wondrous Warner¿s pinky has healed, but do not think you have seen the last of this hot tamale. Bulger has demanded the attention of teams (and chicks!) across the league for his dazzling play and charming disposition. If the do not plan to use Bulger, there are plenty of owners who will be willing to shell out the cash and the draft choices to get their greedy hands on Marc¿s potent gun. When the season started, Bulger was actually the third-string quarterback, but injuries to and gave Marc his chance to shine. Bulger blasted off to a fast start in Week 6 with three touchdowns and no interceptions and never looked back. Initially the took it easy on their inexperienced gunslinger and let Marshall be the workhorse. But Faulk got banged up and Bulger proved he was man enough to carry the team on his virile arm. In Week 10, Marc threw for 453 yards and four scores as he led his mates to a titillating comeback victory over the San Diego . And in last week¿s swan song Bulger produced another 347 passing yards and two touchdowns. After starting the season 0-5, the have won five consecutive games under Bulger. And while Warner threw just one touchdown and eight interceptions in his four losing efforts, Bulger has produced twelve touchdowns and just four interceptions. Yet next week the electrifying bombshell will once again be sitting on a bench — such an enormous waste of luscious talent ought to be a crime!

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