CHICKS ON FOOTBALL: Week 8 spankings

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Watch out, boys! This was certainly a bad week to tick off the chicks. With the Pats losing their fourth straight game, we ladies have lost our patience and are ready to unleash our aggression on the league¿s naughty men.

: Somebody hand us a muzzle! This shockingly handsome tight end is easy on the eyes, but he would be much more attractive if he learned to keep his yapper shut. For a rookie he sure does a lot of talking and for the second time this year his big mouth may have gotten him into a pickle. Earlier in the season, Shockey found himself on the hot seat after mouthing off about homosexuals on the Howard Stern show.

Now he is shooting his mouth off about the ¿ secondary and claiming they get beat a lot and get lucky a lot. Those are awfully big words coming from a man who may not even play on Monday night due to an injured toe. If the defense looks extra pumped-up on Monday Night, his teammates will know who to thank!

Emmitt bashers: We realize that is not considered by many football fans to be the best running back of all time. There are a number of extraordinary backs worthy of consideration and debates such as this one are part of what makes football so fun. But we chicks are sick and tired of hearing people question whether Emmitt ¿deserves¿ to hold the rushing record.

Like it or not, he broke the record and therefore he earned it. Sure, Smith had a stellar supporting cast and for that reason his teammates should all take personal pride in the accomplishment as well. But Emmitt ultimately broke the record because he is still standing after all these years. This record is about longevity. Like , Smith has devoted his off-seasons to staying in top condition and has given all of himself to the game. Smith is truly a role model to young players both on and off the field. We realize some people just enjoy hearing themselves bitch but find another player to bash (may we suggest !), but leave the good guys alone.

: After losing in the last second to the Atlanta , the Saintly receiver should have been rip-roaring mad. But Joe explained that it made it easier for the team to stomach knowing his team ¿put it on a platter for them¿. Evidently Horn was comforted to realize that his team¿s three turnovers and 96 yards worth of penalties cost them the game.

What is wrong with this boy? Blowing an easily winnable game is supposed to eat at a man, not comfort him! And the last time we checked, invitations to the Super Bowl are handed out to the teams that actually win their games, not the ones that ¿shoulda¿ won them. If the boys of the Big Easy want to make it to San Diego in January, they better learn how to squash their lesser opponents.

: Who are these imposters? There was a time when the made up for their lack of talent, with grit and heart. Now they have lost their heart and are breaking the hearts of their fans along the way. Just when we thought the were starting to play with a sense of urgency, they decided to pack it in and torment their fans once again with one of the most pathetic halves of football of the season.

The led 21-3 in the second quarter but then gave up 21 unanswered points to the lowly . The second half was a complete comedy of errors for the who committed costly penalties and turnovers, made look like a super-stud quarterback and allowed the tying field goal to be blocked. Even some of the players admit they felt like they had won the game and laid back in the second half. We are prepared to put the New York lads through our hot oven and smack some passion into them. But if we do not see a big turnaround in San Diego next week, you can be sure we will not waste anymore energy trying to rejuvenate Herm¿s flaccid unit. And speaking of Herm, that silly sideline clapping has got to go. No one wants to watch a coach cheerleading after an ineffective series of downs.

Bungals: With Halloween right around the corner, the Cincy boys actually decided to disguise themselves as winners on Sunday. produced 138 rushing yards and had a sizzling game (no, seriously, he really did!!!) as the came within a few inches of scoring the winning touchdown. Only at the last second, the could not hide their true colors and managed to bungle up the game once again.

Dillon gazed into a big, fat hole but then was tripped by his stumbling blocker. With all the recent talk about records, maybe the really are trying to shoot for 0-16. After all, bad press is better than no press, right? : The have enough problems on defense due to the nasty injury bug that has been assaulting their unit this season. The last thing they need is one of their healthy players creating more distractions. The ¿ starting defensive end used ridiculously bad judgment when he went out and boozed it up late Thursday night and then got behind the wheel of a car. Bryan was pulled over at 2:30 on Friday morning and arrested for DUI for the second time this year.

We hate to be party poopers, but serious athletes have no business partying it up into the wee hours of the night when they are preparing for a game. Use a little self-control, Bryan or try calling a cab! Thanks to Bryan¿s lack of self-control, the were left asking a rookie to do a stud¿s job. Suffice to say Cool-pepper and Bennett abused the ¿ maligned line for much of the afternoon.

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