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As the Hall of Fame weekend draws near, it is time once again to induct some deserving retired heroes into our own Hunky Hall of Fame. For you newcomers, each year we select five players who have been retired for at least one year. In order to be considered, a player cannot be a fleeting flame. He must possess the stamina to keep the fires burning for years and years. And of course, looking good helps as well (we girls are only human!). The five recipients of this coveted honor all had very different styles, but all deserve recognition as being among the best in their game. As always, we ran into the same old problem — so many studs, yet so few spots. Luckily our fans were willing to help us out by e-mailing us with hundreds of votes. Thanks, guys and gals! Without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to the 2002 Hunky Hall of Fame.

Steve Young

We must admit we loathed this man early in his career as he supplanted our long-time heartthrob Joe Montana. But now we are finally ready to forgive Young — after all, the fleet-footed quarterback gave us years of spine-tingling entertainment long after Joe had put away his spandex. The great-great-great grandson of Brigham Young certainly has made some history of his own. Young holds the record for the highest single-season NFL quarterback rating (112.8) as well as the career record (96.8). He is a two-time NFL MVP and was the MVP of Super Bowl XXIX. But Young is equally impressive off the field. With his thick dark hair and dazzling blue eyes, Steve was named one of People Magazine¿s 50 most beautiful people in 1995. Since retirement, he has put his GQ looks to great use as a studio analyst on ESPN¿s NFL Countdown. As if his athletic prowess and stunning looks were not enough, Young is also intelligent and giving. Young earned his law degree and founded the Forever Young Foundation, which is dedicated to children.

Dan Hampton

Well, this must be the year for forgiving because we are ready to pardon another ex-nemesis. Dan Hampton was one of the nasty who humiliated our poor in Super Bowl XX by allowing just 123 total yards in a 46-10 thrashing. But now that our Pats have redeemed themselves by becoming World Champs we are willing to let bygones be bygones. Besides, with an enticing nickname like ¿Danimal¿, we frisky chicks could only resist him for so long! Grrrr! While Mike Singletary and William "The Refrigerator" Perry may have received more of the press, Hampton loved to play rough and was as ferocious as any player on the field. He could not be tamed by just one man, which allowed his teammates the opportunities to make big plays. And talk about stamina — this macho man rebounded from 10 knee surgeries in order to play in three different decades. The timing of this honor could not be better — Becky will be co-hosting the World Championship of Fantasy Football kickoff party with Hampton in Las Vegas this September. (OK, so maybe this is not a total coincidence.) After all, why team up with a Hall of Famer when you can partner with a Hunky Hall of Famer!

We girls have never been able to resist a man with a sense of humor. ¿Prime Time¿ has always made us giggle with his hysterical quotes, crazy pimp suits and funky dances. But Sanders was much more than just comic relief during his NFL career. He was also one of the best athletes to ever play football. Deion could shut down the top receivers in the league, as well as explode for touchdowns on punt and kickoff returns. His dazzling play earned him seven Pro Bowl berths and he was also a part of two victorious Super Bowl teams. But Sanders is not one of those boring men who will try just one position. When he played wide receiver for the , Deion became one of the only two-way starters since Chuck Bednarik. He also took a stab at baseball and remains the only athlete to play in both the World Series and Super Bowl. Fortunately ¿Neon Deion¿ has not disappeared since retiring. He adds his playful personality to CBS¿ NFL Today and also hosted the 2002 Miss America pageant.

Robert Smith

One thing is for certain — Smith is not like the other boys. Rather than torment his fans by making them witness his sad decline, Robert retired at his climax and left us chicks begging for more. In his final season, Smith posted the best stats of his career with 1,521 rushing yards and an eye-popping 5.2 yards per carry in 2000. In a league in which everyone is looking for the big payday, Smith walked away once he became a free agent contract worth millions. To put it in perspective for the ladies, that equates to approximately 20,000 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes per year! (Ouch!!!) But Smith is different for a number of reasons other than his lack of greed. First of all, he is prettier than the rest — his gorgeous face, chiseled body and graceful stride made him a breathtaking sight both on and off the field. The shockingly intelligent ex-Viking also has unique interests including astrology and computer science. Smith now oversees the Robert Smith Foundation, which aids children battling cancer. Now this is the type of man you could bring home to your mom and dad!

Daryl ¿Moose¿ Johnston

When breaks the all-time rushing record this season, we are certain he will want to thank the virile fullback who paved the way for many extra yards during his career. ¿Moose¿ was never afraid to lay his body on the line for his mates and he also could make some noise when he got his hands on the ball. His heroic play changed the position and convinced the NFL to start inviting fullbacks to the Pro Bowl. Despite his reputation for bruising blocks, Johnston is far from being just a musclehead — in fact, he was the valedictorian of his high school class. But do not worry, Daryl — we do not just love you for your brain! We also love those bright blue eyes and that brawny bod! Daryl looked absolutely ravishing posing topless in Sports Illustrated¿s swimsuit issue several years ago. (How refreshing to have eye candy for the women as well!) And lucky for us, we get to drool over ¿Moose¿ every week during the season, as he is part of FOX Sports¿ No. 2 NFL team. 2001 Inductees Troy Aikman (1 year waiting period waived for our favorite gunslinger!)
Dan Marino
Roger Staubach
Walter Payton
Archie Manning
2000 Inductees
Mark Bavaro
John Elway
Boomer Esiason
Joe Namath
Barry Sanders
1999 Inductees (The Original Hunks!)
Marcus Allen
Terry Bradshaw
Howie Long
Joe Montana
Lynn Swann
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