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We at the love the NFL draft for the fun of watching the college players we followed get into the big time, the instant betterment of the teams and most of all, the second guessing. We thought we'd look at past NFL drafts looking to see what each team needed, who they took in the first round and in hindsight, who should've gone based on how their pro careers turned out (forgetting about proper coaching and other circumstances.) If we could draft knowing what we know now and not taking future drafts into account, this is how we'd have drafted. There were 29 picks in the first round of the 1993 draft. In parentheses is the round the player was actually taken. Other Draft Do-overs: | |
Re-picking the 1993 NFL Draft
Who Went Who Should've Been Taken
1. New England Patriots
Drew Bledsoe, QB Washington State
OT Willie Roaf (1st), Louisiana Tech
New Orleans Saints
Comment: This is a really tough call. The Patriots needed everything on offense and you can't really argue with the pick of Bledsoe. Jerome Bettis and Garrison Hearst would've been a nice addition as well. We're taking Roaf as he may have been the NFL's best offensive lineman over the last nine years.
2. Seattle Seahawks
Rick Mirer, QB Notre Dame
QB Mark Brunell (5th), Washington
Green Bay Packers
Comment: Bledsoe in Seattle would've been a great fit staying on his home turf. We're taking Brunell cause the Seahawks were looking for a more mobile quarterback and he too would be staying home. We're still not sure what anyone saw in Rick Mirer.
3. Phoenix Cardinals
Garrison Hearst, RB Georgia
RB Jerome Bettis (1st), Notre Dame
Los Angeles Rams
Comment: Only recently has Hearst turned into a big-time producer while Bettis was a superstar from carry one. Johnny Johnson wasn't a bad back, but Bettis would've been a huge addition. Even though Bledsoe is still on the board, we're happy with Chris Chandler and Timm Rosenbach.
4. New York Jets
Marvin Jones, LB Florida State
RB Robert Smith (1st), Ohio State
Minnesota Vikings
Comment: Jones was never healthy enough to be the player many thought he'd be coming out of FSU. The New York crowd would've been all over the fragile Smith, but with Brad Baxter, Blair Thomas and an aging Freeman McNeil in the backfield, they'll get over it. Now if the Jets would only give that Jeff Blake kid a chance.
5. Cincinnati Bengals
John Copeland, DE Alabama
DE Michael Strahan (2nd), Texas Southern
New York Giants
Comment: Many think Strahan took a while to be productive as he finally became an elite level superstar in 2001. He registered 62 sacks before last year and would've been exactly the player the Bengals thought they were getting when they drafted Copeland.
6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Eric Curry, DE Alabama
DB John Lynch (4th), Stanford
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Comment: Curry was one of the monster busts of the 1993 Draft. This might be a bit of a reach to take Lynch this high, but it worked out big time so we're not going to mess with it. Even with Bledsoe still on the board we'll stick with Vinny Testaverde hoping he can turn his career around.
7. Chicago Bears
Curtis Conway, WR USC
QB Drew Bledsoe (1st), Washington State
New England Patriots
Comment: Conway never warmed up to the Chicago weather and rarely played up to his potential. Even though Jim Harbaugh is a decent quarterback, for the long haul Bledsoe is too good not to take.
8. New Orleans Saints
William Roaf, OT Louisiana Tech
OT Lincoln Kennedy (1st), Washington
Atlanta Falcons
Comment: Kennedy wasn't Roaf, but the Saints need a tackle and Kennedy's a solid nine year pro even though we're reaching a bit by taking him at the eight.
9. Atlanta Falcons
Lincoln Kennedy, OT Washington
DT Dana Stubblefield (1st), Kansas
San Francisco 49ers
Comment: The Falcons need a ton of help on the run defense and we'll take Stubblefield over the beefier KU teammate, Gilbert Brown.
10. Los Angeles Rams
Jerome Bettis, RB Notre Dame
DT Gilbert Brown (3rd), Kansas
Minnesota Vikings
Comment: The Rams didn't really need Bettis yet they hit a grand slam with this pick. Brown could've been something truly special had he been able to keep his weight down, but in 1993 he would've helped the poor Ram run D.
11. Denver Broncos
Dan Williams, DE Toledo
RB Garrison Hearst (1st), Georgia
Phoenix Cardinals
Comment: Hearst's career has been a mixed bag suffering major injuries and needing to comeback several times. Considering Denver's rushing options were Gaston Green, Reggie Rivers and Sammie Smith, Hearst would've been a needed addition.
12. Los Angeles Raiders
Patrick Bates, DB Texas A&M
QB Elvis Grbac (7th), Michigan
San Francisco 49ers
Comment: With Jay Schroeder and Todd Marinovich quarterbacking the Raiders, Grbac would've been an instant upgrade.
13. Houston Oilers
Brad Hopkins, OT Illinois
OT Brad Hopkins (1st), Illinois
Houston Oilers
Comment: 132 starts in 138 games. No need to mess with what works.
14. Cleveland Browns
Steve Everett, C Michigan
QB Trent Green (7th), Indiana
San Diego Chargers
Comment: With Bernie Kosar's career grinding to a halt and Todd Philcox and Mike Tomczak backing him up, we'll give them a heady young unknown from Indiana.
15. Green Bay Packers
Wayne Simmons, LB Clemson
OT Will Shields (3rd), Nebraska
Kansas City Chiefs
Comment: The pick of Simmons sort of worked playing well for a while but never living up to the 15th pick. The Packers need a running back to replace Vince Workman, but there aren't any solid backs available. Needing to protect up-and-coming QB Brett Favre we'll take the steady Shields who has started every game but one in his career.
16. Indianapolis Colts
Sean Dawkins, WR California
WR Curtis Conway (1st), USC
Chicago Bears
Comment: Many like to rip on Jeff George's bad career as a Colt, but check out the skill players he had to work with. WRs: Reggie Langhorne, Jesse Hester and Bill Brooks. RBs: Anthony Johnson, Rodney Culver and Ken Clark. This is a team that needed offensive playmakers in the worst way.
17. Washington Redskins
Tom Carter, DB Notre Dame
LB Jesse Armstead (8th), Miami
New York Giants
Comment: The Redskins were getting really old really fast needing a youth infusion almost everywhere. We're taking the best player available, Armstead, who was a late round steal.
18. Phoenix Cardinals
Earnest Dye, OT South Carolina
C Steve Everett (1st), Michigan
Cleveland Browns
Comment: He didn't last too long in the league, but Everett was one of the game's premier centers while he was in it.
19. Philadelphia Eagles
Lester Holmes, G Jackson State
TE Tony McGee (2nd), Michigan
Cincinnati Bengals
Comment: After losing Keith Jackson to the Dolphins, Philadelphia got 10 catches from tight ends Pat Beach and Maurice Johnson. McGee would've given Randall Cunningham a new safety valve.
20. New Orleans Saints
Irv Smith, TE Notre Dame
DE Michael McCreary (7th), Wake Forest
Seattle Seahawks
Comment: The Saint defense was a killer in the mid-1990s. McCreary would've been precisely the lineman New Orleans would need as the stars up front got older.
21. Minnesota Vikings
Robert Smith, RB Ohio State
LB Greg Biekert (7th), Colorado
Los Angeles Raiders
Comment: The Vikings had an amazing nucleus with Rich Gannon at quarterback, Terry Allen and an aging Roger Craig at running back and Cris Carter, Jake Reed and Anthony Carter at receiver. The defense needed some work and Biekert would be a great fill in for ten years.
22. San Diego Chargers
Darien Gordon, DB Stanford
WR Qadry Ismail (2nd), Syracuse
Minnesota Vikings
Comment: Gordon wasn't the lock down corner the Chargers were looking for. He was, however, one of the great kick returners in NFL history. We're going to take the speedy Ismail to help take the heat off Anthony Miller.
23. Pittsburgh Steelers
Deon Figures, DB Colorado
DL John Copeland (1st), Alabama
Cincinnati Bengals
Comment: The Steelers desperately needed a receiver. With none worth taking available, we'll take Copeland to help solidify an already strong defensive front.
24. Philadelphia Eagles
Leonard Renfro, DT Colorado
PK Jason Elam (3rd), Hawaii
Denver Broncos
Comment: While it pains us to take a kicker in the first round, Elam is worth it considering the Eagles relied on Roger Ruzek who went 16 of 25 on field goals and 40 of 44 on extra points in 1992.
25. Miami Dolphins
O.J. McDuffie, WR Penn State
CB Tom Carter (1st), Notre Dame
Washington Redskins
Comment: Carter was never a star, but the Dolphins had to do something to battle the Buffalo Bill passing game in the AFC East.
26. San Francisco 49ers
Dana Stubblefield, DT Kansas
CB Darien Gordon (1st), Stanford
San Diego Chargers
Comment: The Niners were great everywhere except the secondary. Gordon would've helped for a while and would've added a great kick returner to go along with Dexter Carter and John Taylor.
27. San Francisco 49ers
Todd Kelly, DE Tennessee
DB Blaine Bishop (8th), Ball State
Houston Oilers
Comment: The Niners wanted defensive linemen in the 1993 draft and at this point there were few worth taking. Bishop didn't have the size or the speed, but he made plays.
28. Buffalo Bills
Thomas Smith, DB North Carolina
DB Brock Marion (7th), Nevada
Dallas Cowboys
Comment: Thomas Smith never really panned out and while Marion was hardly a star, he would've been a better pick than Smith for the lousy Buffalo secondary.
29. Green Bay Packers
George Teague, DB Alabama
LB Marvin Jones (1st), Florida State
New York Jets
Comment: The Packers needed help at linebacker and even though Jones would be injured often, he would've given them several solid seasons.

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