Bradshaw grills Favre on FOX NFL Sunday

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Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw is a two-time Super Bowl MVP who led the Pittsburgh Steelers to four Super Bowl championships during his pro career. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1989 and joined "FOX NFL Sunday" in 1994.

Want to know what is going through Brett Favre's mind heading into Sunday's reunion with his former team in Green Bay? Terry Bradshaw had the exclusive chance to sit with the Vikings QB to talk about Brett's strange journey from Green Bay to Minnesota. Here's a transcript of Terry's candid interview with No. 4. TERRY: Lemme ask you ... Well, I can't imagine at 40 — is 40 sore different than 30 sore? FAVRE: Recovery.
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TERRY: Well, we all know about recovery. FAVRE: You know, what takes two days at 30 takes two weeks. You don't have time. TERRY: It's good to see you. I haven't seen you in a long time. Been a long time. I actually thought when I came out before the Giant game, the (NFC) championship game (in January 2008), and you were warming up. Then with all the stuff that happened in the offseason that that would probably be the last time I would see you play football. I was wrong. Just you're not in Green Bay, you're in Minnesota. FAVRE: Yeah. Who'd a thunk it. TERRY: Psh. You didn't thunk it, did you? FAVRE: No. TERRY: You're tired' of talkin' about it, aren't ya? FAVRE: Well ... TERRY: I would be. FAVRE: Yeah. TERRY: Yeah. You don't have to play 'em again, unless somehow or another the playoffs thing works out. But this would be the last time. The first time when you played, you didn't come out with thelittle pre-warmup, did you? FAVRE: No. TERRY: Stayed back? FAVRE: Well, it's been a circus enough as it is. TERRY: It's gonna be. You know it's gonna be a bigger circus now than it was the last time. FAVRE: Well, it will be because it's at Lambeau. TERRY: Yeah. FAVRE: But the fact that we've played 'em, at least for me and for my teammates, that part's over. TERRY: And it is true that once the game starts, you gotta play a football game. FAVRE: Well, that's really the ... TERRY: The saving grace. FAVRE: Exactly. And not that it's easy, but it's really the only reason I'm here. And once you kick off, all the other stuff is kinda like, "Okay, now I can just play." TERRY: Was it hard for you? I know when an athlete's interviewed, you say things ... you answer questions 'cause you gotta answer 'em. But you also have to be smart. Um, but was it hard that first time goin' out there and seein' that? When you saw that that was Green Bay, those uniforms, what happened? FAVRE: It wasn't what you would think. I actually I noticed that last year. Um, Green Bay opened the season in Minnesota. We played the day before, I was at home in Jersey watchin' the game. And I thought prior to it that I would feel like, "Man, I should be there." So, but it felt ... TERRY: Normal. FAVRE: Yeah, yeah, it felt normal. TERRY: You know, when I got hurt, normally a player goes with the team, travels and I couldn't do it. I couldn't even go to the games. I don't know why. FAVRE: Well, you probably felt like you shoulda been playin', I mean, if you were there. TERRY: I had a hard time watching 'em. FAVRE: Yeah. Well, you know what, Terry? In all honesty, I did it all there. I was fortunate enough to play on some great teams. TERRY: Sixteen years, Brett, is a long time.
FAVRE: So, I mean, I would've loved to have gone back to the Super Bowl and had that opportunity again. It didn't happen. But for the most part, there was no unfinished business, so I didn't feel like maybe that's why. TERRY: Okay, forget about that. Do you look back on your last couple of years, because as a fan from the outside, weren't sure you were gonna retire. I can see Green Bay goin', "Okay, look we need an answer." Okay? So I can see that side of it. I can understand it. How shocked were you, and hurt, that you realized they didn't want you or need you anymore, and that, basically ... you're out the door? FAVRE: Once again, I knew it was gonna happen at some point, how, uh ... TERRY: That wasn't a good how. FAVRE: No, it wasn't ... on either side. But I understood why they wanted to go in a different direction. I mean, that happens to all of us. TERRY: Lemme stop you. I don't understand it because you got the Packers to the championship game. Played a great first half. Second half wasn't as good, but that's okay, you had a great year. FAVRE: Um-hum, a great year. TERRY: I think if you'd have just said after the game, "Woo, doggone boy, if I gotta tighten up in the second half, we gotta do this, do that. I can't wait 'til next year, you know? I can't wait 'til training camp to start." FAVRE: I was so disappointed. TERRY: I don't think you woulda had that. I don't think it woulda happened. Serious. That's my feeling. I don't think they would've done that. FAVRE: I have no idea what would've happened. And in hindsight, there's a lot of "what if's", if I'd have done this and maybe Ted and Mike and Mark Murphy and those guys maybe have scratched their head(s), too. But you have to move on, and both sides have. But in hindsight for me, the last thing I wanted to think about was football. I was so disappointed that we ... the excitement of getting to that point when no one expected us to, it probably included me that year. Everyone's like, man, where'd these guys come from? And the Giants? TERRY: And at home, too, now. FAVRE: And the Giants, too. Both teams — no one would've predicted us to. And I know how hard it is to get there. Um, so I'm thinkin', I was just extremely disappointed and the last thing I wanted to think about ... I mean I got home, I didn't wanna think about football, but I knew that not to make a quick decision just because ... TERRY: Hey, I know, but, see, that's hindsight. And that's what you'd been doin'. You'd taken your time. But I believe, Brett, had you said what I said you shoulda said, I don't think they'd had a choice. It's unfortunate as a broadcaster and as your friend, and it's the craziest divorce I've ever seen, and it's got it own reality show circled all the way around it, you know. But I just felt for whatever reasons, that's almost like callin' their bluff, see. "I'll be back, I can't wait 'til next year," right? In the locker room, "I'm goin' home, I'm gonna rest up, I'll see y'all in May." FAVRE: That woulda — and believe me, that's what I could've said. As opposed to anything else. And, I didn't. But, um- TERRY: Hurt? FAVRE: No. TERRY: Were you hurt? FAVRE: No. No. TERRY: You weren't hurt? FAVRE: No, I wasn't. I really wasn't. TERRY: Okay, I'm gonna take you to emotional farewell, emotional retirement. I mean, tear-jerkin'. FAVRE: Sure. Believe me, I mean, it was- TERRY: I believe- I- well, I did believe you. FAVRE: Just like every touchdown, interception and game and play that I had been a part of throughout my career — I meant it. TERRY: Why — after all of that — why come back, why? I don't understand and I'm tired of readin' about it. You're sittin' right here and you can just flat say "No answer, I don't wanna talk about it", and I respect that. But why call their bluff? You'd now decided you wanna play, and so, therefore, they take you back, you compete for the job, which is what you wanted to do. They, in turn, kick you off to New York. They don't send you here. They know better. They send you to New York. Which has been a blessing. Now your shoulder muscles, you're fixed. But, I mean, why call the bluff? What moment happened that Brett Favre said I wanna play? FAVRE: I don't know if I ever was 100-percent sure I didn't. TERRY: In other words ... oh, retired. Okay. FAVRE: So, um- TERRY: Forced into it? FAVRE: No, I wouldn't- TERRY: Deanna force you into it? FAVRE: No, no. My family has been so supportive throughout. In fact, I would always say, "Hey, what do you think? Well, hey, that's up to you. We'll do whatever." Um, I do like to play. That was obvious the previous year. TERRY: Well, I mean, I don't understand — why do that? FAVRE: Why play? TERRY: No, no, no, no — why retire? Why retire? That's my question. FAVRE: Like I said in March, I was not a hundred percent committed to that team in March. TERRY: And they wanted an answer? FAVRE: They wanted an answer. Now, as we said earlier, I could've easily said I'll be there, you know. I'll be there. But in my mind thinkin', well, I don't know. (Terry chuckles) So is one right and one wrong? As it turned out, it was unfortunate. I will admit that. Uh, but they're fine. TERRY: Yeah. FAVRE: They have a very good young quarterback. I knew that from the start. They have a good team. I said that the previous year. I said, "Hey, this may be the most talented team I've (played on)" ... People said, "You're crazy." TERRY: You got a good team. FAVRE: We have a good team. TERRY: This is where you wanted to be all along. If you weren't gonna play there, this is where you wanted to go. And honestly, I understand that completely. FAVRE: I think most people do. TERRY: Chilly (Vikings coach Brad Childress) and you get along great. You knew the offense. FAVRE: Knew the offense. TERRY: For the most part. You knew they had a great running back, you knew they had a great defense. All they needed was someone in here to make good decisions, and you know what, I'm pretty blunt about you, but you easily can be the oldest MVP in the league if you keep this up. (Brett laughs) I mean ... and I've said this, I don't know how Jimmy and them when they see this, they'll say, you're the only person I've ever said is the greatest quarterback I've ever seen. So you're the only person I've ever used the word "great" with. I'm very, very protective of that word. It means a lot. So therefore, from you I expect much because you've earned it. FAVRE: As I do as well. TERRY: Exactly. Now look over here and you're wearin' this purple ... and to see Deanna in the stands that one night with the jersey is, I gotta tell you, it's just not right. (Laughs) It's just does not — this just does not look good. FAVRE: After the first day, it kinda grew on me. TERRY: Twelve million dollars, it'd a grown on me! (Laughs) FAVRE: You know, I mean, it took a little, well, yeah, it looked a little, um, I don't wanna say weird or ... I don't know what the word is, but, uh ... TERRY: It doesn't look right. (Laughs) I mean, that's okay. You're happy, right? FAVRE: I am. TERRY: Okay, what difference does it make? FAVRE: I am. I am. TERRY: Long as you're happy. When you go back to Lambeau, you've never, ever said anything but wonderful things about their fans. This is not between you and the fans. I expect you to be booed. FAVRE: Some. Yeah. TERRY: Some. But I expect the majority of 'em to be cheers. FAVRE: Well, I hope so. TERRY: No. FAVRE: But I understand that they're- TERRY: Until the game starts. FAVRE: It- uh, both are understandable. But, uh, there's no reason for me to ever say anything negative about that place. Why? And that's no b.s. TERRY: Could hurt the steak business, isn't it? (Brett chuckles) He has a steakhouse. FAVRE: You know, that may have already been threatened anyway. But, wonderful place, wonderful place. I mean, hey, I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Green Bay and Lambeau, so ... TERRY: You have said it's not about revenge or getting even. You know, I'll say that I believe deep down inside, you take care of business in Green Bay in Lambeau Field this week. I don't care what you say — I know you're a human being. You know what, here Mike, here Ted, enjoy it. FAVRE: Hmm, um, gotta get- TERRY: I'm not tryin' to put words in your mouth and I'm not lookin' to get something on the air and get print. I'm just sayin' it's always nice. If I'd have been kicked outta Pittsburgh and gone through what you've gone through, I would've never said a word, but ... FAVRE: (Chuckles) I might try that one this week. TERRY: Huh. Hee. FAVRE: Hee. (Chuckles) TERRY: When they put a microphone on the plane and you're headin' off to the Super Bowl like you did goin' to play New England, you're gonna predict the score, you predict the score in this game? You've haven't done anything crazy like that? FAVRE: Ain't no way. TERRY: Did you know they were doin' that? FAVRE: No. TERRY: Oh, God. FAVRE: I don't know how I made it. I guess bein' naïve is an asset when you're young, but there's no way— who knows? They're a good football team. We were fortunate to beat 'em last time. TERRY: I would think that this'll be the hardest game you've ever played in emotionally. I'm guessing. FAVRE: I don't think anything will ever be as hard as playin' after my dad died. TERRY: Well, that's a different story. The Oakland game. FAVRE: Yeah. TERRY: Okay. Well, if you put it like that, you can play after you're dad passed away. FAVRE: No guarantees on how you'll play. But I don't think I can face anything as tough. TERRY: Your arm. FAVRE: Arm feels great. TERRY: You're throwin' the ball harder than I've ever seen you throw it. FAVRE: Cain't move very good, but I can sure sling it. TERRY: You know, you never could move that well. FAVRE: Better ... TERRY: Better. FAVRE: ... than I move now. TERRY: Your arm looks like you're firin' it. No pain? FAVRE: Not at this point. I'm surprised. Hey, at 40, biceps in surgery, torn rotator cuff ... I feel pretty fortunate. TERRY: You havin' fun? FAVRE: Yeah. TERRY: You happy? You like where you are in your life? FAVRE: I do. Good group of guys. TERRY: You win the Super Bowl here. Uh, that's gotta be ... that's gotta be- that would be- FAVRE: It would be awesome. TERRY: It'll be awesome. But it- you know, once again, I go back a while. That'll really sever some ties ... FAVRE: Well. TERRY: That would be, um, hmm. FAVRE: Let's hope we have that to worry about. But we gotta get through this game first. TERRY: You know, I don't know why we're paintin' this thing so ... blue. You know? Be honest with you, I look forward to comin' back next year, 'cause I know you ain't gonna retire and we don't have these issues, you know. FAVRE: Let's get through this week first, Terry. TERRY: (Laughs) No, you know what I'm sayin'. FAVRE: Yeah. TERRY: I don't wanna come up here and sit down and have to deal with one topic and, you know, there's so much more out there and you're havin' a great year. I'm glad you're well. FAVRE: Thank you. Appreciate it. TERRY: It'll be fun. Yeah, I'll be watchin'. FAVRE: Awright, Terry.

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