Boom or Bust: What's the point, Browns?

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Adam Schein

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It should be another great week in the NFL. Let's play our favorite game of Boom or Bust for our SCHEIN 9.

1. There's more pressure on the Lions than on the Redskins in their Week 3 game.

That is an absolute bust. Sure, Detroit hasn't won a game since 2007 (look, we all know that — but writing it makes it seem even worse, doesn't it?) ... but Washington is a total mess right now. We killed Jim Zorn in our Tuesday column after the head coach embarrassed himself with play selection and game management, and Zorn went at it with Sonny Jurgensen on the team's postgame show on 980 AM in D.C.
Zorn might not even make it to the postgame this week. There is also a ton of pressure on the quarterback. That said, it's not all on Jason Campbell — the receivers are underwhelming and the offensive line is a disaster. But considering they're coming off an offseason where the team openly flirted with Jay Cutler, Campbell has been underwhelming. The Lions have to win at some point; I did pick them to win five this year. And this was a game I circled for Detroit in the preseason. Jim Schwartz's club played hard and relatively well against Minnesota. Washington is tight. The Lions actually gained confidence last week.

2. The Browns will score a point in Baltimore.

Um, bust. Can I predict a shutout in an NFL game? Look, if I wrote, "Cleveland will reach double digits," it would still be a bust. OK, I understand this isn't quite akin to scheduling a I-AA creampuff to start the season. But for the Ravens, who I think are the best team in football for the minute, it is pretty damn close. Cleveland has major issues at quarterback, running back and offensive line. Other than that, they match up just great with Ray Lewis, Haloti Ngata and Ed Reed. Jamal Lewis is done. Brady Quinn looks really bad.

3. Matt Ryan is the next Tom Brady.

I have a mancrush on "Matty Ice," and have since the Boston College days. But out of respect and fairness, this is a bust. Tom Brady has won three Super Bowls and is a top-10 all-time great quarterback. Ryan has the "it" factor. New veteran teammates Tony Gonzalez and Mike Peterson have gushed about his leadership in recent visits with us on Sirius NFL Radio. And he possesses Brady-like attributes down the stretch of games. But let's let my guy Matt Ryan crack the top eight quarterbacks in the league before we start tossing around Tom Brady comparisons.

4. Shaun Hill will outplay Brett Favre.

Hill is 37-57 for 353 yards and a touchdown against no picks this year. Favre, contrary to the belief of skeptics like yours truly, also hasn't thrown an interception. The future Hall of Famer is 37-48, with 265 yards and three touchdowns. And both quarterbacks have had the aid of sensational ground games and defenses that have stoned the opposing rushing attack. Remember, Hill was originally a Viking and he feels like he never got a full shot in Minnesota. The Niners defense has baffled opponents under Mike Singletary, and I think Favre will toss his first pick of the season in a big spot. San Fran has been incredible this season in winning the turnover battle. Thus, it's a boom.

5. The Bears should win in Seattle.

This is a major boom. I have a ton of respect for the defensive stars on the Seahawks and the 12th-man factor playing in the great northwest. But Matt Hasselbeck broke a rib, and I don't think Seneca Wallace can get it done. And even if Hasselbeck plays, I cannot imagine him playing at a Pro Bowl level.
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The Bears showed the world they have heart last week with the way they came back and beat the Steelers. In his career, Jay Cutler-led teams are 11-0 when the quarterback has a passer rating of 100 or better. Cutler will get to that number Sunday afternoon.

6. Without Justin Tuck, the Giants are ripe to be upset.

Yes, Tuck is the Giants' best all-around player. But under no circumstance will the Giants lose in Tampa. Mathias Kiwanuka is more than an adequate replacement for the Tampa game. And the Giants' offense — which is 0-for-8 in the red zone during the two-game winning streak to start the season — will pour on the points against an overmatched, spiraling Bucs squad. It's a bust. The Giants should see the forest through the trees and rest Tuck to make sure he is healed for the rest of the season.

7. Flozell Adams should've been suspended for tripping Tuck.

A $12,500 fine for a bush-league cheap shot? What is this, amateur hour? This is a huge boom! The action was despicable and there is no place for that in the NFL. Fining Adams the aforementioned dollar figure is a drop in the bucket for this multi-millionaire, so he gets away without a legit punishment.

8. Cedric Benson will rush for more yards than Willie Parker.

Even against the great Steelers defense that has dominated Chris Johnson and Matt Forte already this year, even with Benson's prior reputation for being a soft back, I am calling this a boom. That tells you something about both Parker and the Cincy defense. The Bengals' run defense is strong. Rey Maualuga is a stud. A healthy Keith Rivers makes a huge difference. And Roy Williams and Tank Johnson have been great fits in Mike Zimmer's defense. I am 100 percent buying in. On the other side, Parker has been underwhelming I don't expect him to suddenly find his lost speed on Sunday, nor do I like this matchup for the Pittsburgh offensive line.

9. Jacksonville is in the northeast and will beat Houston.

I know, I know. I made a huge mistake with a typo on Tuesday. I meant to write that Arizona got over the hump of winning on the east coast, not northeast. My fault. I guess it's karma (or Kramer) for all of my Jacksonville jokes. Or maybe it just means I am qualified to coach the Chargers. So let's just call this a bust all the way around. I know the Jags always enter a game against Houston very confident. They feel like they can be more physical and punch the Texans in the mouth. Plus, David Garrard has completed 64 percent of his passes in Houston. But the Jaguars are not the same team in terms of experience (no Mike Peterson and Fred Taylor) and power. Houston showed me something by winning in Tennessee. I don't think Houston, with excellent matchups on offense against the Jacksonville defense, will slow down. And I got a B in my geography class at Syracuse years ago. For a daily Boom or Bust on New York Sports, watch Schein and Chris Carlin weeknights at 6 p.m. ET on SNY (DIRECT-TV 639). Listen to Schein and Rich Gannon on the Sirius Blitz from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. ET on Sirius NFL Radio Channel 124. Follow Schein on twitter at
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