BEING BRIAN URLACHER: Offseason Frequent Flier

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Top Offseason Plans

1. Get better: Get bigger, faster, stronger ... like the Bionic Man. That's always the biggest goal for every NFL player in the offseason.

2. Family Time: The season lasts so long and takes so much out of you, so it's huge to get some time with the family. We're planning to head back to Albuquerque for a week or two this summer.

3. Have fun: You have to have fun and enjoy the downtime when you can. I'll start getting mentally ready for next season around June or July.

4. Golf: I'm going to hit the links big-time.

5. Stay healthy


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Alicia A. from New Haven, IN: "Hey Brian! I'm 15 years old. You are my idol! I have a picture of you in my room that I look at for inspiration. You are the best middle linebacker I have ever seen! I have a question for you — I love football and every chance I get I am out playing. All my guy friends make fun of me and say that I should find a new sport to like because football just isn't for girls. Do you agree with them? Thank you so much for reading this!"

BRIAN: Alicia, play whatever you want to play, why not? I know it's a male-dominated sport, but if you like it, keep playing it. Tell your guy friends to deal with it. Times are changing! David M. from Sturtevant, WI: "Hey Brian, I am a 15-year-old from Wisconsin and I get a ton of crap for liking the Bears, but you guys were awesome this year. Thank you for tryin' your hardest every week and making Chicago a winner again. Winning the division made it that much sweeter over all the Packer fans. Congrats on all your awards this year, and for another great season.

One quick question ... What do you think the Bears need in the offseason to help make our great team better, so all us Bear fans can see the Bears in the Super Bowl? And by the way, your basement sounds like the coolest place ever!!!"

BRIAN: David, I don't think we need much, to be honest. If anything, we just need a little experience playing more in the big games — but then again, we got that this year. I don't really see us needing certain players to pick up. You could always use more depth, but even last year we didn't have many injuries. As long as we stay healthy, we should be OK. Tristan D. from Oconowomac, WI: "Hey Brian! I got a question. Is it hard to be fast and hit hard at the same time? A lot of people are either really fast and can't tackle well, or they are huge and make huge tackles. I hope the BEARS have a great season next year. GO BEARS!!!" BRIAN: Tristan, I don't think it's very hard, haha! Obviously the faster you're going, the harder the hit and the contact is going to be. So I think if you like to hit, and you can run faster, it makes it even better because you're going to have better collisions. I think it's easier if you're faster because you can whack them even better. Most of the time they go backwards if you're fast.


  • I'm Brian Urlacher, starting middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears.

    During the season I checked in weekly to break down a game, talk about life in the Windy City, and give you an inside glimpse into my world as an NFL player.


    Offseason means Vegas

    The offseason's going by fast! We've gone to Vegas. We've gone to Hawaii. We've been back to Chicago. I've been out to L.A. It's been pretty crazy. Vegas sucked, because I got my head beat in at the tables. No, it was actually a lot of fun. We had a good time, but I didn't win at all. I got my ass kicked at the tables. But it was nice to spend some more time with Laurie. We went there with our defensive coordinator, Greg Blache, and his wife. I was in town to sign autographs. Blache is a cool guy, man. He likes to have a good time. We all stayed at Caesar's. All those casinos are the same to me. The last time I was there I stayed at the Luxor, and when we go back at the end of this month we're going to stay at Mandalay Bay. It's all the same to me, man.

    Aloha means Pro Bowl time

    The Pro Bowl trip to Hawaii was great, a lot more fun this year because my teammates were there. Plus I knew everybody who was there because I wasn't a rookie anymore. I felt a lot more comfortable this year, so I enjoyed it more. My family was there too, plus my mom was there and helped with the baby. Keith Brooking (Atlanta Falcons linebacker) and I hung out a whole bunch. Now we're boys! He actually came up to Chicago a couple weeks ago for the weekend. We went out a couple nights with some of the other guys. It was fun! The practices were very easy. They were only an hour long ... they were cake! The worst thing about the week was the game. It's not totally boring, but it's not a real game. Nobody really plays that hard, and if you don't play hard you're going to get hurt. I don't know, it's just different ... plus they play it on turf, so that makes it even worse. We tried to turn it on in the fourth quarter — we tried to at least. If you can, you try to but it's still not the same. Especially for us in the NFC, the last two years we've been down big in the 4th quarter so it hasn't mattered late in the game. I think I could live over there, especially because of the great weather. The people there are so nice over there. They love the Pro Bowl there, so it's a good place to have it. My teammate on the Bears, Olin Kreutz, is originally from there. One night we all went over to his house for a little get-together. It was fun! Plus, I think he knows everyone on that island, haha! It's a nice reward for the season, but the flight sucks — that's the only bad thing about it. We flew from Albuquerque (visiting family) to Salt Lake, where we got delayed two hours before we took off. It sucked, and it was out of the way, too.

    Looking back, a grrr-eat year

    We had a great season, but it just ended so quickly. Last year we knew when the season was going to be over because we weren't in the playoffs. But this season, once you're in the playoffs you don't think you're going to lose ever through to the Super Bowl. It was kind of weird all of a sudden after the loss to Philly because we didn't have any plans or anything since we thought we'd keep playing. I was pretty upset after losing to the Eagles. I really thought we'd win that game and keep playing, but it was so weird not having anything to fill the void until the Pro Bowl. We really thought we were going to go all the way. But it was a great season, man. No one expected us to do that well. We won a lot of games and opened the eyes of a lot of people. We had a lot of players stand out, and now we're paying the price for that. We could lose a lot of guys to free agency. It sucks, but that's the nature of the beast. I think the salary cap needs to go up. Look at the Ravens! I think we should be like baseball and we shouldn't have one, but then again we might be stuck with one good team. We did re-sign Jim Miller at QB. I think he deserved the deal. He definitely played up to his contract. He had a great season and got rewarded by management. I think he's a good QB and a good fit for our team. I caught the tail end of the Super Bowl. I was leaving Vegas by the time it ended, so I caught the second half of it. It was a pretty good game. I knew the spread was huge, like 14 points, and I didn't think there was any way the Rams would cover the spread. I didn't think it would be a blowout, but I didn't think the Rams would lose. But the Patriots showed everyone. Every week no one expected them to win, but they kept winning — kind of like us, the underdogs. We could relate to them. Thanks for checking in this season! I'll stop by in a month or so with another offseason update.
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