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NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24139004 Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, FOX) Minnesota+Vikings+at+Detroit+Lions+%28Sunday%2C+1+p.m.+ET%2C+FOX%29 NFL

There certainly aren’t any playoff implications in this one, although it potentially is Vikings veteran quarterback Brett Favre’s final game. Shaun Hill returned last week to lead the Lions to their third straight win, but the only thing at stake here is which team finishes last in the NFC North.

NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24138015 Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers (Sunday, 4:15 p.m. ET, FOX) Arizona+Cardinals+at+San+Francisco+49ers+%28Sunday%2C+4%3A15+p.m.+ET%2C+FOX%29 NFL

San Francisco fired coach Mike Singletary on Sunday night after the 49ers lost to the Rams. Singletary’s sideline antics and lack of winning football proved to be too much for 49ers president Jed York to take. Defensive line coach Jim Tomsula was named interim head coach. The key matchup to watch Sunday on the field will be Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald against cornerback Nate Clements.

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NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24136042 San Diego Chargers at Denver Broncos (Sunday, 4:15 p.m. ET, CBS) San+Diego+Chargers+at+Denver+Broncos+%28Sunday%2C+4%3A15+p.m.+ET%2C+CBS%29 NFL

Last week's loss to the Bengals has Philip Rivers and the Chargers playing for draft position instead of playoff position. The Chargers front office has declared head coach Norv Turner and general manager A.J. Smith will return next season. The Broncos' season has been long over, but after firing head coach Josh McDaniels, Denver may have found a franchise quarterback in rookie Tim Tebow, who led the team to a huge comeback victory against the Texans last week.

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NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24136039 Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS) Miami+Dolphins+at+New+England+Patriots+%28Sunday%2C+1+p.m.+ET%2C+CBS%29 NFL

Bill Belichick has a tough decision to ponder as the New England Patriots have clinched home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. He has the opportunity to rest Tom Brady and the rest of his starters, but a long layoff could create a lack of focus for the Patriots. The Dolphins collapsed against the Lions last week, and there are swirling rumors about head coach Tony Sparano’s fate in Miami.

NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24138009 Oakland Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS) Oakland+Raiders+at+Kansas+City+Chiefs+%28Sunday%2C+1+p.m.+ET%2C+CBS%29 NFL

When the Bengals finished off the Chargers last week, there were cheers in Kansas City. The Chiefs, with Jamaal Charles starring at running back, clinched the AFC West for the first time since 2003. Oakland didn’t meet its preseason playoff expectations, but Darren McFadden and the Raiders have shown drastic improvement this season and finally given their fans something to cheer for.

NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24138012 Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS) Buffalo+Bills+at+New+York+Jets+%28Sunday%2C+1+p.m.+ET%2C+CBS%29 NFL

Rex Ryan and the New York Jets clinched a wild-card spot last week, even though they lost to the Bears in a shootout. The Jets have little to play for – except momentum. Mark Sanchez’s health is a priority, but Ryan has said that he is not opposed to playing the quarterback in the regular-season finale. Buffalo has made some improvements this season and may have found a legitimate starter at quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick.

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NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24138016 Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles (Sunday, 4:15 p.m. ET, FOX) Dallas+Cowboys+at+Philadelphia+Eagles+%28Sunday%2C+4%3A15+p.m.+ET%2C+FOX%29 NFL

The Eagles' loss Tuesday night locked them in as the NFC's No. 3 seed. With a short week ahead, expect Philly to rest players for what, essentially, is a meaningless game. Dallas is coming off a Christmas nightmare, losing in the final seconds against the Arizona Cardinals. The Cowboys bobbled away an array of opportunities to win the game, but should be focused for Sunday.

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NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24139007 Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans (Sunday, 4:15 p.m. ET, CBS) Jacksonville+Jaguars+at+Houston+Texans+%28Sunday%2C+4%3A15+p.m.+ET%2C+CBS%29 NFL

To win the AFC South, the Jaguars must win this week and hope the Colts lose to the Titans at home. Jacksonville’s inability to close out the division in the final weeks of the season has put pressure on head coach Jack Del Rio. Gary Kubiak’s coaching days in Houston could be numbered. The Texans have a strong core of young players but have regressed this season.

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NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24139008 Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts (Sunday, 4:15 p.m. ET, CBS) Tennessee+Titans+at+Indianapolis+Colts+%28Sunday%2C+4%3A15+p.m.+ET%2C+CBS%29 NFL

The AFC South title is on the line for the Colts. It’s no secret that Indianapolis has been battered with injuries, so its improbable run at the title should be commended. Peyton Manning will have his team ready against the Titans, who despite the continued production of Chris Johnson, seem to have mailed in the season weeks ago.

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NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24138007 Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS) Pittsburgh+Steelers+at+Cleveland+Browns+%28Sunday%2C+1+p.m.+ET%2C+CBS%29 NFL

The AFC North crown is on the line for Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers. With a win over the Browns or a Ravens loss, the Steelers would claim the division and a first-round bye. The Browns, with Peyton Hillis carrying the load, are a more dangerous team than the one the Steelers defeated, 28-10, in Week 6. This may be coach Eric Mangini’s final game in Cleveland, so the Browns could be extra motivated.

NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24139005 Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, CBS) Cincinnati+Bengals+at+Baltimore+Ravens+%28Sunday%2C+1+p.m.+ET%2C+CBS%29 NFL

The Bengals, with Carson Palmer playing one of his best games of the season, ended the Chargers' playoff surge last week. A win this week might help head coach Marvin Lewis keep his job, but the Bengals are clearly overmatched in this one. Led by Joe Flacco, Baltimore would capture the AFC North if it wins and the Steelers lose. The Ravens' 6-1 home record is mirrored by Cincinnati's 1-6 road mark.

NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24139009 New York Giants at Washington Redskins (Sunday, 4:15 p.m. ET, FOX) New+York+Giants+at+Washington+Redskins+%28Sunday%2C+4%3A15+p.m.+ET%2C+FOX%29 NFL

Eli Manning and the Giants lost a must-win game against the Packers one week after blowing a huge lead against the Eagles. New York’s playoff hopes are on the line against the Redskins. To reach the playoffs, the Giants need to win and have the Packers lose. But a win Sunday won't come easy, as Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan is trying to prove that his handling of the Donovan McNabb/Rex Grossman quarterback situation has a purpose.

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NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24138008 Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, FOX) Carolina+Panthers+at+Atlanta+Falcons+%28Sunday%2C+1+p.m.+ET%2C+FOX%29 NFL

The Falcons stumbled on Monday night against the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints but still can win the NFC South and claim home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs with a win on Sunday. On the other side of the football, the sorry Panthers have clinched the No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 draft.

NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24136040 Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (Sunday, 4:15 p.m. ET, FOX) Chicago+Bears+at+Green+Bay+Packers+%28Sunday%2C+4%3A15+p.m.+ET%2C+FOX%29 NFL

The Bears clinched the NFC North last week with a lively victory over the Jets, then clinched a first-round bye when the Eagles lost Tuesday night. They could rest their players but most likely won’t cede a thing to Green Bay. The Packers are fighting for their playoff lives, with a win-and-we’re-in mentality.

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NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24136041 Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints (Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, FOX) Tampa+Bay+Buccaneers+at+New+Orleans+Saints+%28Sunday%2C+1+p.m.+ET%2C+FOX%29 NFL

New Orleans clinched a playoff berth on Monday night with its win over Atlanta. Although Drew Brees and the Saints started the season a bit slowly, they still have a chance to win the NFC South with a victory Sunday, coupled with a Falcons loss against the Panthers. The Buccaneers, with Josh Freeman leading the way, are one of the bright spots in the 2010 season, and head coach Raheem Morris should be in the discussion for the Coach of the Year award.

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NFL 5 43 Week 17 NFL Blitz 24138017 St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks (Sunday, 8:20 p.m. ET, NBC) St.+Louis+Rams+at+Seattle+Seahawks+%28Sunday%2C+8%3A20+p.m.+ET%2C+NBC%29 NFL

The winner of this game will take the NFC West and host a playoff game. Yes, even though neither of these teams will finish with a record above .500, the winner advances to the postseason. Rams quarterback Sam Bradford has an opportunity to show how valuable he has been to his team all season. The Seahawks have Charlie Whitehurst ready to start at quarterback if Matt Hasselbeck can't go. They'll also have the rowdy Seattle crowd behind them.

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