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NFL 5 2020 Top 10 takeaways from NFL Week 14 31475103 Wild week in NFL brings high emotions, thrilling finishes Wild+week+in+NFL+brings+high+emotions%2C+thrilling+finishes NFL

Another Sunday. Another wild one for the NFL. Four different games came down to the final two minutes of regulation or overtime, there was a 58-0 blowout, and both the Eagles and Chargers stopped epic losing streaks with big road victories. The Giants and Jets both made New York City football fans happy, the Cowboys won in an emotional effort, and the Browns pulled off their third straight victory. And that’s just scratching the surface. Here are my Ten Takeaways from Week 14.
— Peter Schrager

David Kohl - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 2020 Top 10 takeaways from NFL Week 14 31470862 The Ravens could have clinched the AFC North with a win in OT. The loss could come back to haunt them. The+Ravens+could+have+clinched+the+AFC+North+with+a+win+in+OT.+The+loss+could+come+back+to+haunt+them. NFL

Baltimore had a 28-20 lead late in the fourth quarter in a road game it would have loved to have had on Sunday. But the Ravens lost, and they’re now in a bit of trouble. With Cincinnati and Pittsburgh both losing mere minutes before the end of regulation in Washington, the Ravens actually could have clinched the AFC North with a victory. Redskins QB Kirk Cousins got the job done, though, and now Baltimore’s 9-4 on the year with three very tough opponents up ahead. They’ve got a two-game lead on the Steelers and Bengals, but with games against the Broncos, Giants and Bengals in their next three weeks, no victories are guaranteed. A record of 10-6 could be enough to win the AFC North, but 9-7 probably won’t be. The Ravens could have avoided all such conversations with a win on Sunday. They couldn't get the job done.

Evan Habeeb - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 2020 Top 10 takeaways from NFL Week 14 31473217 The Jets are a game out of the AFC playoff picture — seriously The+Jets+are+a+game+out+of+the+AFC+playoff+picture+%26mdash%3B+seriously NFL

What’s more important — the journey or the destination? The latter, right? Then, we should probably close our eyes, pretend we don’t remember some of the Jets’ lowest moments this season, and consider the fact that with two straight wins (and three wins in their last four games), Gang Green is 6-7 and currently just one game out of the AFC playoff picture. No, it wasn’t pretty, but for the second straight week the Jets had the good fortune of matching up against an offense that was worse than even them. Now 6-7 on the year with three winnable games against the Titans, Chargers and Bills up ahead, a wild-card berth is possible. If they somehow get to the final 12-team tournament that is the NFL postseason, does it matter how it happened or who they beat to get there? Maybe bringing Tebow in made sense, after all. Or . . . nah.

Phelan M. Ebenhack - AP Images
NFL 5 2020 Top 10 takeaways from NFL Week 14 31473214 David Wilson could be the gamebreaker the Giants offense so desperately needs David+Wilson+could+be+the+gamebreaker+the+Giants+offense+so+desperately+needs NFL

Welcome to the big show, David Wilson. All summer, I’d come back from Giants practices touting the amazing exploits of their incredible first-round running back. All season, I’ve been waiting for him to show these talents off in games that mattered. That happened (finally) on Sunday. Wilson, taken one pick after Tampa Bay rookie Doug Martin in April’s draft, was the difference maker in the Giants' 52-27 win over the Saints. The rookie out of Virginia Tech piled up 327 all-purpose yards, returned a kickoff for a touchdown, and ran two more scores in. If that’s not a coming-out party, I’m not sure what is.

NFL 5 2020 Top 10 takeaways from NFL Week 14 31473216 Forget 2,000 yards. Adrian Peterson has a shot at Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record. Forget+2%2C000+yards.+Adrian+Peterson+has+a+shot+at+Eric+Dickerson%27s+single-season+rushing+record. NFL

Are we 100 percent sure Adrian Peterson had major knee surgery last December? Peterson topped 100 yards before the first quarter ended on Sunday, finishing the afternoon with 154 yards on 31 carries. He also scored two touchdowns. With Christian Ponder still struggling mightily and Percy Harvin out for the year, Peterson essentially is the Vikings offense. No problem. With Sunday’s 21-14 win, Minnesota’s playoff hopes are still alive. Peterson’s got 1,754 rushing yards with three games to go. 2,000 yards is doable. Guess what? So is Eric Dickerson’s single-season record of 2,105.

Bruce Kluckhohn - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 2020 Top 10 takeaways from NFL Week 14 31473210 The rookie QBs keep making magic happen The+rookie+QBs+keep+making+magic+happen NFL

I know I’ve been beating this drum for a while, but I just can’t get over what this rookie quarterback class is doing on a weekly basis. The 'Fab Five' — a group that includes Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill, Russell Wilson and Brandon Weeden — went 4-1 on Sunday. Add in the fine play of Nick Foles and Kirk Cousins and they really went 5-1 with a save. The 'Fab Five' is now 12-3 over the past three weeks. Luck and RG3 get all the headlines, but in any other year, both Wilson and Weeden would be in contention for Offensive Rookie of the Year, too.

Steven Bisig - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 2020 Top 10 takeaways from NFL Week 14 31473209 Ken Whisenhunt's job could be in jeopardy after 58-0 loss in Seattle Ken+Whisenhunt%27s+job+could+be+in+jeopardy+after+58-0+loss+in+Seattle NFL

Nine straight losses is pretty bad. Nine straight losses with the ninth being a 58-0 loss to a division rival is really, really bad. It feels like decades ago, but Ken Whisenhunt’s Cardinals actually started out the 2012 season 4-0. They beat the Patriots and Eagles, he was a guest on 'Inside the NFL,' and there was talk of a defense that was even better than the one found in San Francisco. A mere three months later, Whisenhunt’s job status is anything but stable in the Arizona desert. The quarterback play has been abysmal since Kevin Kolb exited the Week 7 overtime loss versus Buffalo, but nine straight losses are inexcusable. When asked in Sunday’s postgame press conference who would start at quarterback next week, Whisenhunt’s response to Kent Somers, the questioner, was 'Do you play?' Funny answer? Maybe. A good one after a 58-0 loss? Probably not.

Joe Nicholson - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 2020 Top 10 takeaways from NFL Week 14 31473212 The Chargers are the best 5-8 team in NFL history The+Chargers+are+the+best+5-8+team+in+NFL+history NFL

The Chargers have been a comedy of errors this season. There was the 24-0 halftime lead they surrendered to the Broncos at home. There was the 7-6 loss to Cleveland two weeks later. There was the Ray Rice 4th-and-29 play in Week 12. There was the bad final possession versus Cincinnati last week. But guess what? This team is pretty good! We saw what San Diego could do when they put it all together Sunday in Pittsburgh, shocking the Steelers in a 34-24 win at Heinz Field. San Diego — a team that had lost seven of its last eight games — has outscored its opponents 292-281 this season. Pittsburgh slept on the Chargers, thinking they were a typical 4-8 team. They weren’t and the Steelers got burned.

Charles LeClaire - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 2020 Top 10 takeaways from NFL Week 14 31473213 Rob Ryan nearly cost the Cowboys the game on Sunday Rob+Ryan+nearly+cost+the+Cowboys+the+game+on+Sunday NFL

The Cowboys won 20-19 in dramatic and emotional fashion in Cincinnati on Sunday, but defensive coordinator Rob Ryan almost cost them the contest. Ryan, an assistant coach, was flagged 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct after running on to the field and engaging in a screaming match with Bengals left tackle Andre Smith. Ryan, who reportedly raved about Smith’s talents earlier this week in the press, is often praised for his sideline bravado. The cameras certainly love him. Sunday’s penalty was unacceptable. 'We can’t do that,' coach Jason Garrett told reporters afterward. 'We have to keep our emotions in check.' A head coach should be talking that way about a young player, not a veteran assistant coach.

Greg Bartram - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 2020 Top 10 takeaways from NFL Week 14 31473211 The NFC East can still get the job done The+NFC+East+can+still+get+the+job+done NFL

Though its teams have had some bad losses and questionable efforts at times this season, the NFC East looked like the NFC East of old on Sunday. All four of the division's teams won their games, three of them coming in dramatic fashion and one in a nationally televised blowout. Rookie Nick Foles led Philadelphia on a game-winning fourth-quarter drive in Tampa Bay, helping all three NFC comrades, which could very well be battling Tampa Bay for a wild-card spot come January. After Sunday's NFC East sweep of opponents, the Giants are 8-5, while both the Cowboys and Redskins are 7-6. The Buccaneers? They’re 6-7 with losses to all four NFC East teams on the year. That Eagles win could end up being the biggest victory of all four on Sunday.

Steve Mitchell - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 2020 Top 10 takeaways from NFL Week 14 31473215 The Falcons appear to have a head start on their usual playoff form The+Falcons+appear+to+have+a+head+start+on+their+usual+playoff+form NFL

Though they have the best record in the NFC, have already clinched a playoff berth and haven’t lost a game at home all season, you’d be hard-pressed finding anyone willing to put their name on the Falcons as their pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl in February. Why? Because all the regular-season wins in the world don’t matter for the 2012 Atlanta Falcons. We’ve all read this script before and with an 0-3 record in the playoffs in four years under Mike Smith, demoralizing losses like Sunday’s 30-20 loss in Carolina carry a lot more weight than Week 6 wins over Oakland. Like it did in those three postseason losses in Arizona (2008), home against Green Bay (2010), and at New York (2011), Atlanta came out of the gates slow and fell behind 23-0 in Carolina on Sunday. The Falcons can actually play the 'no respect' card this January. They’d be absolutely right in doing so. An 11-2 record or not, there really isn’t much respect out there for this team. Losses like Sunday’s to the previously 3-9 Panthers certainly don’t help.

Bob Donnan - USA TODAY Sports
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