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NFL 5 1980 Extra Glaze: Week 7 preview 31375986 Ready for kickoff? Ready+for+kickoff%3F NFL

Ready or not, it’s Week 7 in the NFL. Six teams are on a bye, but there are dramatic storylines and games to be played. Here are five things you need to know going into this week. —Jay Glazer

Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 1980 Extra Glaze: Week 7 preview 31378778 Ray-vens will miss their leader Ray-vens+will+miss+their+leader NFL

The Ravens placed Ray Lewis on the injured reserve with the new designated to return label after an MRI showed he suffered a complete tear to his right triceps. Lewis’ presence on the field and in the huddle will be sorely missed. I don’t care how much people talk about his play is in decline, you can’t equate his loss to the defense. He is the quarterback and coach on the field and simply can’t be replaced.

Howard Smith - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 1980 Extra Glaze: Week 7 preview 31378781 Gotta get down Gotta+get+down NFL

Following a concussion in Week 5, Robert Griffin III gathered his whole team and vowed to be smarter when he runs. Griffin, who had 82 yards and 2 TDs on the ground in Week 6, put his promise on display as he did his best to avoid collisions. The Redskins’ coaching staff must teach him how to properly slide; that will protect him more than anything. It’s amazing how many QBs aren’t taught how to properly slide. When Jim Zorn was the coach in Washington, he actually used a Slip ‘n Slide to teach Jason Campbell this maneuver.

Geoff Burke - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 1980 Extra Glaze: Week 7 preview 31378779 How's he doing? How%27s+he+doing%3F NFL

DeMarco Murray sustained a sprained foot in Week 6 against the Ravens. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told local media that Murray will be sidelined this week against the Panthers. Although Murray’s injury doesn’t seem so severe, the public doesn’t truly understand how painful foot and toe injuries are. In my MMA workouts we spend a significant amount of time strengthening these areas to prevent these types of injuries.

Jayne Kamin - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 1980 Extra Glaze: Week 7 preview 31378780 Hear me now? Hear+me+now%3F NFL

Aaron Rodgers is the victim of his own success. He led the Packers to a Super Bowl championship two years ago. He won the MVP in a landslide last season. And this year, his expectations are through the roof. It’s not realistic. If Rodgers isn’t throwing 6 TDs a game, like he did last week against the Texans, then people speculate that something is wrong with him. There was never anything wrong, and he will continue to prove his doubters wrong as the Packers travel to St. Louis.

Brett Davis - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 1980 Extra Glaze: Week 7 preview 31378782 Still a rookie Still+a+rookie NFL

Andrew Luck is an unbelievable prospect, but had a dose of reality in Week 6. The Jets defense showed him multiple looks he hasn’t seen before. Defenses play a lot of zone against the Colts, but Rex Ryan threw several man coverage looks and disguised it well. It was a learning experience for Luck, but he will process this information and recognize when teams play him this way. This week, the Colts host the Browns, who are coming off of their first win of the season.

Debby Wong - USA TODAY Sports
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