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Take a hike, Vedder! SF radio station bans Seattle bands

Since the Seahawks decided to ban California residents from buying NFC title game tickets, one Bay Area rock station decided to retaliate.

Sorry, Eddie Vedder, you're not welcome in San Francisco this week.

Jason Oxenham / Getty Images AsiaPac

Well, the arms race is escalating.

The Seattle Seahawks decided to ban California residents from buying tickets to Sunday's NFC Championship Game at CenturyLink Field (FOX, coverage begins at 5:30 p.m. ET). Well, for all those hoping that maturity would somehow work its way into the forefront, keep waiting.

One San Francisco radio station, LIVE 105, has decided to ban all Seattle bands from its airwaves in the days leading up to the game.


"In light of news stories about Seattle banning California from buying tickets to the football game, inflated prices at bars, we decided it was only fair to not play bands who hail from Seattle this weekend on LIVE 105," station manager Brandon Paski said to CBS5 in San Francisco.

So, sorry Bay Area music fans. You won't get any Pearl Jam right now:

Got a hankering to hear some Soundgarden? No dice, you're out of luck.

Maybe some Nirvana? Sorry, check back later:

Alice in Chains? Nah, son!

Heart? Broken.

So, anyway, it seems this childish behavior will continue from both sides until we have a resolution after Sunday's game. At least it's been entertaining . . . well, not really.



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