You’ll never look at Colin Kaepernick the same after seeing his GQ cover

Ross Jones,

Is this dude serious? No really, Colin Kaepernick might need to turn in his man card.

The 49ers quarterback, who didn’t become the starting quarterback until Week 10 in 2012, might have had a rapid emergence into superstardom this offseason, but the mania has clearly gone to his head. I mean, how is this really going to go over in the locker room? And when in the hell did NFL quarterbacks begin to think they’re some type of sex symbol?

Seriously, this makes Mark Sanchez wearing white pants and a tank top look rugged.

Believe it or not, the cover isn’t even the worst part. Kaepernick donned a mustard cardigan while wearing football pads and Nike high-tops. Oh, the madness.

Anyways, you can get your own copy of the bare-chested quarterback next Tuesday. SMH. You can also read the full feature here.

(h/t FTW)

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