Why Campbell v. Kaepernick Will Yield No Interceptions

Tonight’s Monday Night Football match up between the Chicago Bears and the San Fransisco 49ers has received more attention than usual because both teams have backups starting at quarter back.  Historically, teams fair poorly with a backup QB at the helm, but with a backup on both side of the ball, we are not sure what we are in store for tonight. Fans might assume that these two stellar defenses will have a field day preying on the backups but we may not be in store for the interception battle people expect. Tonight’s game has the makings of a battle in all three phases of the games but do not expect the defenses to out score the offenses.

First look at the QBs, Jason Campbell is no Todd Collins. Campbell has the skill set and experience to perform well, especially with strong weapons around him. Colin Kaepernick while inexperienced, also has enough skill to keep the home fans betting on the 49ers. In fact, some quiet voices in the San Francisco wanted him to start earlier this season.

Second, look at the running attacks. Matt Forte and Frank Gore could both find themselves in Hawaii after the season is over.

Third, look at the defenses. They are both scary, enough said.

Lastly, look at the coaches. Lovie Smith and Jim Harbaugh both know how to win. They both know that there are a ton of ways to win a football game. They both need to win tonight. Expect to see Smith and Harbaugh pay homage to how good the other’s defense is and keep the ball in their star running back’s hands, and not in their second string QB’s hands. Simply put, this game is too big to loose and neither coach is stupid enough to give the other defense a chance to outscore his offense. The ball stays on the ground tonight.

 Jason Campbell