Who’s better than Andy Reid? How about Baby Andy Reid?

By Sid Saraf, FOXSports.com

There are Halloween costumes and there are things that venture into the epic. We’ve found one such epic costume.

B.J. and Jodi Leeper, a nice couple from Olathe, Kan., were attending a neighborhood Halloween party. Of course, their young son Graham was going to tag along and needed an outfit. B.J. decided to dress the little guy like Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. See for yourself:


Now, I’m not someone who throws the word “cute” around with reckless abandon when it comes to babies. But, even my stone black heart is melted by this. Graham even has the same look as Reid, doesn’t he?

And here’s the good thing: The Leepers can get multiple uses out of the mustache. All they need to do is take away the Chiefs gear and he can go as the Lorax next year.

(H/T to CBSSports.com for the story)

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