Vince Young is willing and able to help out the struggling Texans

By Sid Saraf,

We all know Vince Young was born in Houston. We also know the Houston Texans are currently having a quarterback crisis. Well, guess what?


Why would he say that? After watching the Texans on Sunday, it’s no wonder. First, starting quarterback Matt Schaub went down with an injury:

Then, it became clear that second-stringer TJ Yates might not be the answer:

Young is currently a free agent just waiting for a new home. What’s more, he’s a legend in the state of Texas, having directed the UT Longhorns to a national championship back in 2005. Is this a match made in heaven? One man who used to see quite a lot of Young during his Titans days disagrees.


Texans, the ball is in your court.

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