Vince Young can’t figure out why NFL teams aren’t calling him

By Ross Jones,

Vince Young’s phone hasn’t rang despite making a public plea on Twitter for an opportunity with Houston. Since the Packers released Young in late August, no NFL teams have shown interest, which has left the 30-year-old quarterback stumped.

“Me and my wife and all my peers and fans, we’re all trying to figure this stuff out. I don’t have the slightest idea,” Young said Wednesday during an interview on  SiriusXM NFL Radio. “It’s like a huge question mark over my head every day I wake up in the morning to take care of my responsibilities and know I should be playing. To not have one of those calls, it’s tough.”

Young, who has a 31-19 record as a starting quarterback, was pegged by multiple analysts to be an early candidate for the St. Louis Rams as Sam Bradford will miss the remainder of the season with a torn ACL. While the Rams reportedly considered the likes of Brett Favre and Tim Tebow, they never called Young and settled for Brady Quinn and Austin Davis.

The decision to not give Young an opportunity likely stems from Young’s tumultuous relationship with Jeff Fisher during his time in Tennessee.

While Young provided a spark in preseason action with Green Bay, his off-the-field baggage outweighs his on-the-field upside.

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