Tyrann Mathieu did FOUR reps on the bench press. What the hell has he been doing the last nine months?

Tyrann Mathieu may have been busted in college for drugs a few times, but one thing is for certain: Those weren’t PERFORMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS. Mathieu reportedly only repped 225 pounds on the bench press FOUR times at the NFL Scouting Combine. Four freakin’ times.

We know what you’re saying: “Hey, smarmy writer … that’s more than YOU can do!!”


Feast on this fact: The only kicker who bench-pressed during this year’s Combine — Arizona State’s Josh Hubner — lifted 225 pounds 13 times. Yes, 13 TIMES!

Some scouts are concerned Mathieu won’t be able to carry his weight in the locker room. Get it? Analysts also believe the Honey Badger won’t be setting the bar high. Too soon?

OK, ok, ok … to be fair, an NFL cornerback doesn’t have to be barrel-chested, but let’s be honest, what the hell has Mathieu been doing the past nine months?

Mathieu, who was kicked off of LSU’s football team last August for “violation of team policy,” hasn’t had to worry about lining up against SEC offenses. He should be a workout warrior, and for him to show up to Indianapolis and only rep 225 pound four times, speaks to his potential lack of preparation than his strength on the bench.

It should be noted that Mathieu followed up a piss-poor effort in the weight room, by clocking a 4.43 in the 40-yard dash and a sub-7 second time in the 20-yard shuttle. Fine, you’re fast … we’re just surprised you were able to lift your shoes to put them on.

Let’s see if he can add some upper body strength by the time LSU’s pro day rolls around in March. Oh, and another thing … don’t buy another hideous suit like you wore to the 2011 Heisman Trophy ceremony.