Tyler Thigpen, Drew Stanton, the only two QBs who are currently employed from ’07 draft class

Yes, you read that right. On Friday morning, the Cardinals cut Kevin Kolb, leaving just one QB (Tyler Thigpen) from the 2007 NFL Draft class employed in the league. That was until the move the Cardinals made a few hours later, inking Drew Stanton to a deal.

Why should you care? Because that means Stanton and Thigpen are the ONLY quarterbacks from that class who are currently employed.

Over the last six years, it has been well documented that the ’07 QB crop was one of the worst in history, but that fact confirms it.

Let’s take a look back at the 10 NFL quarterbacks, who have mostly been chewed up and spit out by the league.

JaMarcus Russell (No. 1 overall to Oakland Raiders): Must we explain? Russell crashed and burned out of the NFL unlike any other. He lasted three years in Oakland, and he was lucky. This offseason, Russell has been documenting his attempt of a return to the NFL with former QB Jeff Garcia

Brady Quinn (No. 22 overall to Cleveland Browns): Ahh, yes, Brady Quinn. The Heisman candidate from Notre Dame, who almost fell out of the first round, until Cleveland traded up to get him. What a curse it’s been. Quinn has bounced around the league since a trade that dealt him to Denver in 2010.

Kevin Kolb (No. 36 overall to Philadelphia Eagles): Kolb, who cashed in on a monster payday just two seasons ago, was cut by the Cardinals. It won’t be long before a team hands him a clipboard, but for now he’s looking for work. Kolb has been snake bitten with injuries and hasn’t put a productive season together since getting drafted.

John Beck (No. 40 overall to Miami Dolphins): Beck was last heard from in October, when he was released by the Texans to make room for safety Troy Nolan.

Drew Stanton (No. 43 overall to Detroit Lions): Who would’ve guessed it? Drew freaking Stanton one of two employed QBs of the 2007 NFL Draft. Way to go, Drew!

Trent Edwards (No. 92 overall Buffalo Bills): Remember when the Bills were building their franchise around Edwards? Neither do we. Edwards played for the Eagles in 2012, but is currently a free agent.

Jeff Rowe (No. 151 overall to Cincinnati Bengals): Wondering just who this Jeff Rowe guy is? So were we. A quick Google search would tell us all we need to know. Rowe played his collegiate ball at Nevada, never saw a snap of NFL regular season ball and was waived by the Patriots in 2010.

Troy Smith (No. 174 overall to Baltimore Ravens): How can we hate on Troy Smith? We can’t. The man won a Heisman Trophy and led his team to a BCS Championship appearance at Ohio State, but hasn’t done much since then. He played in Baltimore for three seasons, had a brief stay in San Francisco for a year, sandwiched in a quick stint in Omaha playing for the Nighthawks (CFL) and then was signed and later cut by the Steelers. Great player, but couldn’t get it done on this level.

Jordan Palmer (No. 205 overall to Washington Redskins): It just doesn’t seem right if Carson Palmer is starting somewhere and Jordan’s not backing him up. That’s how it was in Cincinnati for years. Could Oakland be calling?

Tyler Thigpen (No. 217 overall to Minnesota Vikings): Sure, Tyler Thigpen has won a few games in the NFL. And he even has a job with the Bills. The argument could be made that Thigpen is the most successful QB from this group

Editor’s note: Matt Moore, who plays for the Miami Dolphins, was an undrafted free agent from Oregon State in 2007.