Torrey Smith chops off dreads, resembles 50 Cent

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith has been busy this offseason.

He’s interned for congressman Elijah Cummings, supported his teammate Jacoby Jones on Dancing With the Stars, featured in some Under Armour commercials, traveled to Barbados and on Sunday showed off his latest ‘do via Instagram.

Smith, who is known for his long, flowing dreadlocks, will have a much more sleek hairdo in 2013. He looks great, but wait, he kinda resembles Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 Cent.

See the similarity?

Smith is currently slotted to be the Ravens’ No. 1 wide receiver after they traded Anquan Boldin to the 49ers. He’s been playing at a high level the last two seasons, but he may take another step forward with his updated appearance.

Just look what happened when Julio Jones cut off his dreads. More receptions, more touchdowns and more receiving yards. We kid. We highly doubt this will make any impact on the field, but while we’re at it, let’s take a look back at the popular YouTube video of Jones cutting his locks.