Johnny Manziel and Michael Sam team up to melt the Internet

Are you not entertained?

On Saturday night, rookies Johnny Manziel and Michael Sam teamed up for two meta plays in a preseason game between the Cleveland Browns and St. Louis Rams.

First, Manziel did his thing. With his Browns trailing in the second half, Manziel entered the game and quickly capitalized off a turnover. On third down, he escaped the rush and scrambled 7 yards for a touchdown. Here it is:

The money sign! The Browns faithful who stuck around roared in approval. And there were probably more than a few cheers from people watching on TV. Like it or not, Manziel is box office and everyone loves his signature move.

Oh, but we’re not done. Not by a longshot. Once the fourth quarter rolled around, Sam took over. The defensive end beat his man and got to Manziel for the sack.

Oh, by the way … he did the the Manziel gesture: