Terry Bradshaw’s version of #StarbucksDrakeHands

By Justin Anderson, FOXSports.com

Planking. Tebowing. The Harlem Shake. Lion-Kinging. Pacquiaoing. Eastwooding. Dufnering. And Dogs Wearing Panythouse. Such is the Internets.

As quick as they begin, viral videos, crazes, trends … whatever you want to call them … they begin to fade. If you aren’t aware of #StarbucksDrakeHands, it’s the latest thing-to-do on the web – a Starbucks barista asked a girl for her number, and later that day he sent her this video. It got posted to the Internet and a million clicks later, boom – Internet sensation. It all happened about a week ago.

It’s been duplicated and shared all around social media, even Mark Sanchez offered his version.

Naturally, Terry Bradshaw got involved.