Father brought to tears after his son surprises him with his first tickets to a Bengals game (VIDEO)

By Andy Nesbitt, FOXSports.com

A son surprised his father by giving him a Bengals hat. His father was pretty pumped about that.

Then the son surprised him with a signed Andy Dalton jersey. His father was REALLY pumped about that.

And then the son surprised his father with airfare and tickets to a Bengals game. And his father broke down in tears.

You see, his father is a lifelong Bengals fan and has never been to an NFL game.

The Best part is around the 4:15 mark of the video when this conversation happened:

Dad: I’ve been a Bengals fan for so long, I’ve never even been to Paul Brown Stadium.

Son: I know, that’s why I wanted to go!

Dad (wiping away tears): I’m overwhelmed. It’s overwhelming. I don’t think I’ve ever held Cincinnati Bengals tickets in my hands until today.

They will be heading to Cincinnati for the Oct. 27th game against Jets.

Now that’s a cool story.

(H/T Deadspin)

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