Schaub on fans cheering injury: ‘There’s no place for that’

By Ross Jones,

Matt Schaub is aware that he’s not a fan favorite in Houston.

After throwing an interception that was returned for a touchdown in four straight games and playing below his Pro Bowl expectations this season, Schaub was given fake cheers by frustrated fans after injuring his right ankle in the third quarter of Sunday’s game against the Rams.

Since then, Schaub has had time to reflect. He, like many of his other teammates, isn’t happy about the fans’ response to his injury.

“I’d hate to think anyone out there, regardless of who was injured — on our team, on the visiting team, whatever the situation is — that people would be like that and act that way,” Schaub said Monday on a radio appearance that aired on Sports Radio 610. “There’s no place for that in this game and there just really isn’t.”

The 10-year veteran admits that his focus during the game was solely on with dealing with the injury, but he is thankful because the injury could’ve been much more severe.

“Just watching it on film, it could have been a lot worse,” Schaub said. “I thought it was a lot worse based on how that happened and the popping that I heard. It must have come out and come back into place. I’m thankful it was not worse.”

After a YouTube video of a Texans fan burning a Schaub jersey went viral, others are trying to find “creative” ways to show their disdain for their franchise quarterback. Like this guy:

It’s unlikely that Schaub will play in Week 7 because of the injury and head coach Gary Kubiak said that he would prepare T.J. Yates and Case Keenum to start against the Chiefs.

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