Rob Gronkowski now has his very own rap song about him

By Ross Jones,

Need another reason to love Rob Gronkowski? Well, plug in your earbuds and turn up the volume on this RAP song about the Patriots tight end.

Don’t be fooled, it’s not actually Gronkowski singing the song. In fact, it’s some guy named Uno.

Gronkowski, clearly, endorses the song as he says so from the beginning. Our favorite part of the song?

‘I just want to get back on the field and do my job. Uhh.

Been awhile now I’m ready, I can see myself in the end zone already.

I’m going deep, throw it deep and I’ll get it.

Touchdown, high five to Tom Brady. I hear him yelling, Gronk! Time to give them what they want.’

But wait, there’s more. Make sure you hang around until the end of the video when Gronkowski is getting completely out of hand by chugging milk out of the carton! No joke.

Excellent work, Uno!

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