Press coverage: NFLN analyst insinuates Te’o may’ve used HGH

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-NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes insinuates Manti Te’o may have dabbled with HGH since the NFL Combine. Does he have a point?  [NFLN]

-Carson Palmer would rather take a paycut from someone else than play for the Raiders. Surprising, right? [The Big Lead]

-Awesome flashback to ESPN The Magazine cover in 2000. Who was the better QB? That’s a joke. [IMGUR]

-Vikings to unveil new unis at draft day party. [SB Nation]

-RG3 says all parties at fault for knee injury.  [The Victory Formation]
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Wondering just what the hell is going on in this GIF? Since we aren’t regular viewers of ABC’s new series Splash, so were we. This here is Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh performing a dive. Thatta boy.

 1989: Lee Ziemba, OL

1985: Alan Ball, DB

1985: Ryan Kalil, C

1983: Anthony Armstrong, WR

1983: Justin Tuck, DE

1955: Earl Campbell, RB
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