Philadelphia fan pays tribute to ex-Philadelphia coaches with awesome Halloween display

By Sam Gardner,

It’s been a tough year for the coaches of Philadelphia’s professional sports franchises, and one Philly sports fan has taken the maladies of those former skippers and turned them into a creative Halloween display in her front yard.

The setup honors dearly departed ex-coaches Andy Reid, Doug Collins, Charlie Manuel and Peter Laviolette, each of whom has either resigned or been fired in the last year. Thankfully, they’re all still alive, and Reid is doing quite well in Kansas City, as you may have heard.

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the former homes of some of the city’s favorite teams, which were also included in the fan’s front yard cemetery. Veterans Stadium was imploded in 2004 and its former neighbor, the Spectrum, is now a parking lot after its demolition was completed in 2011.