Packers To Cut Off Alcohol Sales At Halftime Of Saturday’s Playoff Game

In an attempt to keep things civil during Saturday night’s wild card playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings, Packers officials have decided to cut off alcohol sales at halftime.

Normally, the beer flows until the end of the third quarter. Doug Collins, Packers Director of Corporate Security,sees it like this:

“It’s a different nature, this game. It’s a Saturday night, it’s a playoff game, it’s against a division rival, all those things add up. There’s not going to be as many warnings for those that are using obscene language or inappropriate behaviors. We’re just going to escort them out.”

This isn’t unprecendented, to be sure, but there are going to be some disappointed fans at Lambeau on Saturday. Dan Algie, who drove all the way from New York for the game, had this to say:

“Very disappointing! This was my Christmas gift from my family, my three children are with me, we made the trek, I still say, ‘Go Pack Go,’ but I want my beer too!”

After the Packers-Vikings game last month, a Minnesota man was charged with disorderly conduct after a fight in a parking lot near the stadium.

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