NFL Week 8 awards: Best and worst from Sunday’s action

By Andy Nesbitt,

Most jaw-dropping performance: Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions. This Megatron guy is pretty good. What’d he do Sunday against the Cowboys? Caught 14 passes for 329 yards and a TD. He basically did a lot of stuff like this:

Best meltdown by a Cowboys WR, Part 1: Dez Bryant. Dez wasn’t really happy Sunday. And that was before Detroit rallied for a wild win. This happened early in the game:

Best meltdown by a Cowboys WR, Part 2: Dez Bryant! Yup, that whole freak-out above was just the start of it. Bryant and Jason Witten had some words after the Lions scored the game-winning TD. Maybe they were yelling about how bad Dallas’ defense is in clutch situations?

Best headset toss by an excited coach after a big win: Jim Schwartz, Detroit Lions. This is starting to become Schwartz’s go-to move after a hard-fought victory. Either that, or he just loathes headsets. Still not entirely sure.

Worst attempt at a tackle by a legendary QB: Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos. Manning was willing to do whatever it would take to keep Brian Orakpo from recovering a fumble. But Orakpo wouldn’t be denied – he not only got the ball, but Peyton also was flagged for holding. Good try, Peyton.

Best WWE-style takedown: Bradley Fletcher, Philadelphia Eagles. Not much went well for the Eagles on Sunday, but this takedown of Giants WR Victor Cruz was pretty sweet.

Best one-handed TD catch by a WR who later yelled at almost everyone on his team: Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys. Bryant had 2 TDs and 2 meltdowns against the Lions. This was one of his touchdowns, and it was great.

Scariest moment for Redskins fans: When RG3 took this hit late against the Broncos. The hit knocked RG3 out of the game, although the team said he was OK and he didn’t come back because the Redskins were pretty much out of the game. But still, this was a pretty big hit.

Best way to start a game: Cordarrelle Patterson, Minnesota Vikings. Patterson had been waiting all day for Sunday night, apparently, because he took the opening kickoff back 109 yards for the TD and a new NFL record.

Best reaction by two coaches who obviously didn’t agree with the ref’s call: Joe Philbin and one of his assistants, Miami Dolphins. These guys were not happy with a call late in the game against the Patriots.  Not happy AT ALL.

Best interception: Devin McCourty and Marquice Cole, New England Patriots. The two defensive backs teamed up to make one of the best interceptions you’ll ever see. The tip by McCourty was great and then Cole absolutely stuck the landing. In Boston they call this a “wicked good play.”

Best job of streaking by a mascot: Jaxon de Ville, Jacksonville Jaguars. The poor people of England had to watch the Jaguars on Sunday. But at least they got to see the team’s mascot do this:

Best record-breaking touchdown run by a QB: Terrelle Pryor, Oakland Raiders. The Raiders got on the board quickly in their win over the Steelers, thanks to this 93-yard run by Pryor – the longest TD run by a QB in NFL history. Let that sink in for a second.

Best Halloween costumes in the stands: These two guys in New Orleans. One guy went as head coach Sean Payton, another guy went as defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Perfection.

Best use of a fake spike: Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions. Well, look at the big brain on Matthew. After completing a 22-yard pass to Calvin Johnson, Stafford sprinted down the field yelling he was going to spike the ball. Then he realized the Cowboys heard him yelling that and were taking it easy. So he took matters into his own hands and fooled everyone.

Best sideline celebration after fooling everyone: Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions. Stafford was pumped up after his big play. So pumped up he did this to backup QB Shaun Hill:

Worst job of protecting your team’s quarterback: Scott Chandler, Buffalo Bills. What would it look like if an NFL team grabbed you out of the stands and asked you to block on a play? Oh, probably something like this:

Creepiest look on a WR’s face: Wes Welker, Denver Broncos. What. Was. Wes. Welker. Thinking. Here?

Best catch for a first down (while using only one hand): Pierre Garcon, Washington Redskins. This happened when things were going well for the Redskins. You know, before Peyton Manning and the Broncos ripped off 38 straight points to win 45-21.

Weirdest screenshot of Tom Brady’s right hand: The one below. What the heck happend to that thing? It didn’t seem to slow Brady down, but still. What is wrong with Tommy!?


(GIFs via TheBigLead, Gifdsports, SBNation)