NFL rookies aren’t being brash with their cash

By Ross Jones and Sid Saraf

LOS ANGELES — Remember that somber report in Sports Illustrated from 2009? The one that said 78 percent of NFL players are broke within two years of retiring? It’s a depressing number that spoke to the irresponsible spending prevalent among athletes.

It’s not just NFL players either, as has an entire gallery of broke professional athletes.

You know what, maybe today’s rookies have been watching and learning from the mistakes and misdeeds of their predecessors. Laces Out was in attendance at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere, an event to promote health and fitness at Sunrise Elementary School in Los Angeles.

We went around asking several rookies if they planned to buy anything big once they got their first taste of NFL money. After all, we here at Laces Out would definitely have our wide eyes and open wallets aimed at something snazzy, be it a top-line flatscreen TV or maybe even a decent ride.

You know, we’d “Treat Yo Self.”

But the almost uniform response from this crop of NFL rookies was surprising. And encouraging! Check them out:

Geno Smith, QB, Jets
“I treated myself to the playbook.”

Tyler Eifert, TE, Bengals
“I’d rather just keep my money.”

Aaron Dobson, WR, Patriots
“I’m just keeping my focus on football.”

Stepfan Taylor, RB, Cardinals
“You don’t want to pay for something you don’t have yet. I might trade in my car.”

Dion Jordan, DE, Dolphins
“Right now, other things are more important.”

Quinton Patton, WR, 49ers
“No, I’m just worried about football right now. I’m not worried about any type of money right now. I’m still playing like I’m in college!”

Stedman Bailey, WR, Rams
“My main focus right now is football. I’ll probably just put my money away.”

You know, that really warms the heart. These players are competing at a high level and taking a tremendous toll on their bodies. They have worked countless hours to reach the NFL and deserve what they earn. It’s good to see these youngsters acting in a financially prudent manner.

Keep it up! Keep your focus on football, be responsible with your cash and have fun. Now get out there and hit somebody!!