NFL Offseason Madness: Steve Smith extends an olive branch

Steve Smith is a good guy.

Evan Habeeb/Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Well, NFL teams are done with minicamps and all we have to do until training camps open in mid-July is wait. However, players are keeping busy and having some fun during their down time.

What’s more, they’re taking to social media to share their exploits with everyone. So, let’s take a look at what everyone is up to this week.

1. Steve Smith

The new Ravens wide receiver is already mixing it up with his teammates as he got into a scrap with cornerback Lardarius Webb during a drill this week. But no hard feelings, because Smith extended an olive branch to Webb.

2. Darnell Dockett

Caption: "Days of grace….. 7yr old REBEL"

The Cardinals defensive tackle is a social media highlight, as he always has something to say or some funny image to share. This one is no different as he gives us a throwback photo. Is his belly-button an innie or an outie?

3. Jason Hatcher

Caption: "Me my trainer and the pilot headed to knock this Lil surgery out. Thanks Mr Snyder for the love. #private #bebacksoon #HTTR"

Every day across this great nation, countless people go under the knife. But, how many get a private jet to squire them to the hospital. The athlete life is definitely a good life.

4. Shawne Merriman

Caption: "Finally somebody to pick on my own size #TransformThis"

Now, I would pay to see "Lights Out" battle Bumblebee in the squared circle. Somebody call Vince McMahon!

5. Wesley Woodyard

Caption: "Selfie before practice"

The Titans linebacker is looking ready to crack some skulls, but maybe he should have used the flash on his camera.

6. Chris Johnson

Caption: "I like to wish my lil ones happy bday they turning 2 already time fly I can’t believe they 2. My twin juices"

Kids are so lucky these days. Gone are the times when riding in a shopping cart could end with a fatal accident. The Jets’ running backs kids are riding in style! That vehicle is nicer than my car.

7. Joseph Fauria

Caption: "Changing room selfie is only ok because ‘Murica! #SML"

The Lions tight end — and excellent dancer — is getting his Zoolander on in front of the mirrior. Is that Blue Steel?

8. Brandon LaFell

Caption: "Just finished a session with my boy @jimmyblu …can out from Cleveland to get me right #salute #ink… MY BABY GIRL JORDY"

Who doesn’t love ink? Especially ink that pays tribute to such a sweet face. Good stuff. That’s gonna hurt when he cleans it later.

9. Brandon Marshall

Caption: "Here you go. My dream car. Waited 2 years for this."

I’m giving huge respect to B-Marsh for this car. Can you imagine how luxurious the interior of that ride is? Makes me drool.

10. Kenny Vaccaro

What Vaccaro isn’t hunting wide receivers while wearing his Saints uniform, he’s out hunting the most dangerous game — humans — with his paintball gun. By the way, if you’ve never been, getting hit with a paintball HURTS.

11. Steve Weatherford

Caption: "Post Workout Accupuncture. Recovery is key for consistent gains and reduced muscle fatigue. I hate needles, but love the benefits of the treatment. 100+ needles all over my body… #NoPainNoGainLiterally"